Conceptual portrait of cute young girl touching the stars against reddish galaxy background.

You Should Never Grow Up


You should never grow up, WHAT! Who will pay the bills and put food on your table.

This blog post is about finding ways to stay young at heart because that is where the good stuff of life live.

12 Ways you can stay young at heart 

  1. Practice your Ability to tell a good story
  2. Make up a song or hum
  3. Dress up in your own unique style
  4. Let your Eyes sparkle with belief
  5. Create anything you want
  6. Find yourself dreaming and loving your dreams
  7. Tickle your self with a belly laugh
  8. Make a secret pack with yourself or a good friend
  9. Set off on an adventure
  10. Take time to watch something closely like a spider spinning a web
  11. Watch a cartoon
  12. Buy stickers

In conclusion

A solution to never growing up is to Change your view on the yardstick of life. Wherever you are on the yardstick you can choose to be born new, and live with a child’s wonder at this beautiful universe.

You are never to old, to young, to wacky, to be in love with all of life. Let go of the should of life they should tie you down when you were meant to glide with the eagles, We are in a time where you can wear your pajamas bottoms and slippers to grocery store, Create art in your planner, and find out anything about anything on the internet so throw the “should out the window” and reach for the new, the edgy, the true part of you that feels alive.