Kari Galgon

When I met Sandra a year ago, I realized meeting and knowing her would have a tremendous impact on me.  Sandra is a wonderfully creative spirit with a loving, caring, positive soul.  Her excitement, vigor, and tremendous positive energy flow from her as she offers her insight, experience and knowledge as gifts to all who are open to receive them.

 As a Coach, Sandra’s many gifts and talents are brilliantly evident.  She makes an instant connection with her clients and immediately establishes an inviting space where trust and respect form the foundation for a beautiful coaching relationship.  Through her support and expertise Sandra guides her clients to the growth, positive change, and life events that await them on their transformational journey.

 I am honored and grateful to have the opportunity to work and learn with Sandra and am pleased to recommend Sandra as a coach.  I believe that everyone who is blessed to know Sandra as a coach, mentor, colleague or friend will be strengthened in mind, body, and spirit through her strength, honesty, kindness, and love.

 -BB  Bill Beard, Personal and Professional Development Coach @ Infinite Purpose, LLC

“Sandra is an incredibly special coach. She has the ability to weave her natural creativity into every session and to every type of client, allowing them to gain a new and invaluable visual perspective. Sandra is a visual person and is able to express that as a coach by helping her clients paint impactful mental pictures of their present state of mind, goals, and feelings. She is kind to the core – an energy that noticeably radiates, even on the most distant phone call. Sandra’s voice is warm and soothing as she effortlessly creates a safe and trusting environment for her clients to share their dreams. The way in which Sandra processes life, challenges, and situations is unique. I have never seen anyone take things in quite the way she does and re-release them in a new form that is coated with warmth, love, and purpose – powered by insight  and straight from the heart. Sandra brings her whimsical spirit to coaching, allowing even the most stressed out of clients to feel a sense of relief.”

Rachel Aubrey, Graphic Designer

Brooklyn, NY