Radio Interview

This is a script I used when doing a radio interview about my chapter in the book Pebbles-In-The-Pond.

I.  Telling My Story

The story you shared in Pebbles had to do with a moment of choice where you could break down or start a new vision  Your message seems to be directed at: those who are changed by a dramatic event  (Please fill in the preceding blanks, so we can set the tone)

Note: if your story was not about moving from tears to triumph, can you share a time when you did just that?

I think it is important to be moved to triumph but finding a softer better way to make this quantum jump from a real hard place without the drama of being shredded to tears. Or the even harder place of finding yourself repeating patterns that bring you misery. Those of us  like the pebbles authors who were indeed brought to our knees are pathfinders for you the listners.

There is a new better way now.  I think in this new energy shift this is possible.  I feel more optimistic for our culture and humanity.  There are a lot of bad things that hurt the heart happening but at the other end of that polarity is this great expansion of consciousness.

Although I did shed tears and was angry with the person who burned down the studio, I also felt relief at being delivered into a new vision. It was bitter sweet but mostly sweet because I was at a point in my life where I was ready for a miracle change.  Now I have learned that I don’t have to be so darn dramatic about how to get change in my life.  Maybe that is the basis of why I wanted to know more about Law of Attraction and went ahead and got two certifications in the subject of Law of Attraction.  Now I use it all the time as I am teaching it and the perks of teaching is you get to really know your subject and I am getting real good about how to use the most powerful law in the universe, the law of attraction in my own life.

But at the time of my piviot point this is how I was thinking and feeling.  Take it back a few years 1994 I was not fully participating in life.  I had a business that was successful, and I was creating beautiful garments for people who were very grateful for them, I still get calls 20 years later inquiring about my new work. BUT I was tired and my thinking went like this:

I can rest after this show: I can hardly wait until this show is over, I want to be home not on the road, what would my life be like if I had done it differently, Did I take the wrong road, I don’t want, I don’t like. I was overweight and eating out of control just grabbing something absolutely no plan about food. I ate for the moment to relieve stress.

I did not see how I would ever be delivered from the burden of carrying on a business that I was tired and burned out about.  I did not like being burdened with having to provide a salary for my employees.  I did not like keeping up a busy production schedule and very busy selling schedule.

Burned out fat

Then it all happened! The turning point.  Mine was sudden and then the rest of the turns to where I am today came really as the next most logical step.

Here’s how it happened.

If you read my story you will know that I had already had a new chapter in my life story forming I was using the words and thoughts of “I want it all  expand

when my husband asked that important question.  “What would you do with your life if you could do it all over again”.

I was emotionally invested in a new story when he told me “Honey, you have your chance now to redo your life the way you just told me, your studio burned down yesterday.

In one flash gone was my burden, the employees, the show schedule, the inventory, the studio.

I was not unhappy I was excited about my new vision, it was delicious, expansive and freeing all in the space of 1 min.

Know change can come that quickly only with less drama


II.  What has shifted in your life as a result of sharing your story

Big shifts, new visions and a great attitude

I do have a new vision and a fabulous future always unfolding.  I am a life coach, Law-Of-Attraction Trainer, Speaker, and teacher who has 40,000 hours teaching.

My days are filled with people of like minds who inspire me and who I inspire.  My clients all match my ideal client model. Because I use the law of attraction by being a deliberate creator to bring them to me.  It is a win – win situation.

Like you and everyone listening you are here at this moment because somehow we all have something to share with each other.  What you hear here today maybe just the thing for you to be inspired in an action.  Or the words and feelings felt here today maybe just the words and feelings you will need tomorrow when you are talking with a loved one or a friend. We really are all one.

Everyday new and amazing things come into my life.  I have fun watching for them and when they show up I say yes! That’s a match to my new desires.  I just love my life.

A great attitude about aging.  AT 70 I can see the other end of my life span on the yard stick of life. I used to have foggy feelings about the time when I will not be alive.  About the point of my death.  But now I can see it just doesn’t stop physical or non’physical it just keeps going and gets better and better.

I am going to take a cruise for Law-Of-Attraction next month.  I am creating group coaching on Vision Board, law-Of-Attraction, and many, many other subjects that I now have knowledge. I have set forth the desire to teach these subjects on cruise ships.  I can do my business from anywhere on the globe as long as I have an internet connection.  How great is that.  The golden years really are golden when you can do what you want.

III. What personal practices did you use to move from Tears to Triumph?

I didn’t skip a beat but went into the next thing with ease, excitement and flow.

I had started to imagine what kind of life I would like to be living.  I was very aware of the contrast and had a inner knowing that I could indeed change but was confused on how it could possible happen. Figuring out how to change a business, employees, that had lots of momentum seemed like how to stop a speeding train so you could get off.  I just couldn’t figure it out.  All I could do was eat more food than I needed and  sign up for more shows and create more product and dream of a different way to live my life.

So I guess the personal practice was that I knew what I didn’t want and was imagining how I would do this part of my life if I could do it all over again.

I really believe that creativity is a sense.  I often call it the 7th sense right behind the 6th sense.  Now I know that what I was doing was one of the tools used by those who want to become a deliberate attractor using Law-Of-Attraction.

The tool is to identify what you don’t want and then say what you do want and then just allow it to come.  Allow the universal energy to figure it out.  And that is just what happened I got my desire a new way of living my life.

Perhaps if I had been certified in Law of Attraction then I wouldn’t have had to be so darn dramatic about the whole thing.  There could have been easier softer ways to change than burn up everything that I didn’t want to deal with.

24 min

IV. What are you working on now and how can we help you transform the world, one person at a time?

I love this statement.

If you would have been in the car with Tom and I when he told me my studio burned down and had said that to me, “Sandra in ___years someone will be on the radio asking you “what are you working on now and how can we help you transform the world, one person at a time”  I would have looked at you like you were from a very different planet than earth” but here we are together all of us you and I, and the listener How great is that!

and indeed during these historic times we are transforming the world one person at a time.  We are really doing it and having fun while it is happening.

I am going to say this a perfect match to my desire to be doing world work that enlightens and inspires.  Whoooo hooooo I love this work. I get so high just thinking about it much doing it right here and now.

Listener do your inner work.  Create your passion and go for it.  Celebrate your wins with others. Love yourself more, look and feel nature..the birds and animals.

Learn from the younger generation: As an art teacher I get to do this all the time. They are so full of light and love. When a student finishes there art work I have them clap for success.  I know this is the only time some of them get recognition as I hear many parents come in and pick out the flaw we just acknowledge their success.  One of my students always comes up with beautiful coments Like

“Animals are cute and fuzzy and flowers have expression”

What if we all went around looking for cute and fuzzy things and flowers with expression.  Wouldn’t’ that be wonderful.

I have a LOA process that can help promote this attitude if time permits.  It’s called the book of positive attributes.

Process: Book of positive attributes:

V. How can you help me?

Contrast is necessary

As a Law-ofAttraction trainer and coach I think about this idea of contrast and now accept it is a necessary experience to let you know what you really want.

We can usually quickly identify what we don’t like.

And find ourselves repeating it over and over.

Like I really don’t like this traffic, I hate my job, the news is always full of awful things.  It will never get better.  These are all the don’t wants but if you flip it

and say what you do want in a general way like I am so lucky to have heavy traffic because I have more time to think and plan ahead, I really don’t like my job but I do like some things like a pay check, lunch, and some of my work is actually rewarding and fun.  I wonder if I could find a better job  I am going to focus on my next job:

you do this because what ever you give energy and focus to is what you will get more of

my next job will give me the things I do like like lunch, paycheck and work that is rewarding and fun.  I am going to focus on those attributes instead of all the bad stuff about my job.

I know that the good stuff will bring me more good stuff and the bad stuff will bring me more of the bad.  Because law of attraction is always consistent and always flowing.  I want to flow with good thoughts.  And then I really feel better at the end of the day.  I like knowing that I can feel good no matter where I am when I know that I am creating something better by my thoughts.

In our book Pebbles in the pond we all found ourself in hard, bad, tragic and awful places in our life.  Real contrast with a big “C” was showing it self.  We all had a look at it and said I don’t want more of this and even if we didn’t know it at the time our more expanded self knew it.  Knew our heart and knew that we were born to do something with the contrast not just keep making the same mistakes, wollering in the same old soup.

Our hearts were saying  I want  something better, something much much better. I want triumph.  If you read our stories you will know at first the change to something better was just a spark, a whisper, but the key here the important thing here is we heard it all 40 of us heard that whisper and started to take action.

Today or tomorrow if you are in a hard place, know that there is always a whisper that waits for you to hear.

If you want it to be more of a shout to the universe you can shift by learning about the laws of the universe.  When at that hard place you

Have to take complete responsibility for creating it

Know that what you focus on and give your energy to is what you are getting positive or negative

Start focusing on what you do want

I could do a clarity/contrast with listners with a desire statement if we have time at the end of our call.

VI. What has been your biggest challenges since sharing your story in Pebbles?

My challenges really are fun these days but if I was to pick one it is How to take my next most evolved step.  How to put it all together.

I have been doing one on one coaching for quite awhile and want to share more content with more people. I want to put together group coaching. Recently I had a lazer coaching with Michael Losier, my mentor, on how to put it all together.  He shared how to do it in phases.  I am on phase one now.  Putting content together for my first group coaching.  I am a very good coach and I have personally received the benefit of coaching.  Coaching can change your life.  Often what I have observed in my clients is that it is the small things that we get stuck on and once those are cleared through the process of coaching the client can fly.  I truly feel we were all meant to be successful, happy, and joyful and create from our heart.  Than is what I teach my clients and students.

You know how I am saying what you focus on and give energy to you attract.  Will I have been focusing on the group coaching and a woman named Theresa Sahli posted in one of my groups that she was looking for someone to collaborate with her on a group program.  I contacted her and we are now hooked up and creating this magnificent, program called “The Feminine Way”

The Feminine Way

Manifest The Life You Really Want

Marketing text:

A 4-Week Program to Help You Ignite Your Amazing Power

~Your Ability to Confidently and Consistently Manifest in a Feminine Way~

So You Can Realize All of Your Dreams This Year!

We are creating it using the LOA and the feminine attributes of flow, and fun.

My opt in page for the program is on my site:

You can opt in or get on my email list there.  I give great monthly information on Law of Attraction and other Universal laws and fun stuff that has happened.  I like to have fun with my friends,

VII. What advice would you have for someone listening who feels stuck?

Hire a life coach they are worth their weight in gold.  There are issues that are just waiting to be cleared for this someone who is stuck.  So they can be free to create for the good of themselves and the good of their families, and the good of all they come in contact with.

VIII. Who were your mentors, role models or inspirations?

Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Jarvus, Dr. Apsler, Swami Aseshananda, Rama Maharishi, KarunaMaya, Michael Losier, Christy Whitman, Evelyn Apostolou, Christine Kloser , Orin and Daben

VIIII. What gift do you wish to share with our audience?

When you sign up for my email list you will get a free gift of the emotional scale in three sizes: small med and large

Or you can sign up for my group coaching at 50% off you get 4 weeks of coaching for 125.  The regular price is 250 for the 4 weeks

Or you can sign up for the new “FeminineWay program for introductory price of $97.00

1.Free coaching session

Great pricing I know! It’s my stye.