Happy Friday that is what I say to my self.  Actually I say that everyday saying happy monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday.  That is what prepaving is all about. Pre-paving is where you see (and feel) things going your way before you start something new.  If you prepave what you want to happen during the day your mind gets set on autopilot and looks for things to match the point of perspective you are putting out there.  It is like fishing with the best bate ever.

I was up early this morning so that I could be on the panel for my mentor Michael Losier’s weekly hangoutwithmichaellosier Show.  I love being with like minded people and talking about vibes, abundance, and good ideas to make your life more fun.  Today each of us shared what tool we like to use to keep the vibe of abundance going.  Mine was  using words that are general in nature like “things always work out for me”, and “let Law of Attraction figure it out.”

For example when I walk past a part of the house that needs repairs I say “oh, Law of Attraction is figuring this out”.  This simple phrase keeps me from going into a loop of negative complaints over the needed repairs.  Tom, my husband also like this approach.  I will let you know how Law of Attraction figures this out.

One of my art students won first in state in the duck stamp contest for the state of Alaska.  She was spending a few months here and decided to do the contest.  She only had three weeks to finish her entry and she not only met the deadline but won best in show.

Good lesson…you never know what is going to happen unless you take some action on your urges and remember your best self always is ready to bring you the inspiration and guidance to make what you want happen.  Your job is just to keep your vibration high so that you best self can use the mechanics of Law of Attraction to bring all the resources, for what you want to accomplish.