Show Notes:

This broadcast is about finding your own personal value no matter what age you are.

  • You are so unique living a life so unique that there is none like yours anywhere on this planet.
  • Life is too full of fun things to love to embrace to kiss tenderly,
  • Life is too full to waste time on rules that don’t make sense
  • Life is too full to not find anything to laugh at..including yourself
  • Life is way too full to not find anything to smile about.
  • Tell them what they learned

You will  learn that to make this the best summer ever is really untrue because you will have many, many best summers that is the way of the world. You get older and wiser every day and by making good choices about how you will live all of your days will give you a good reason to get out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face as you look at the face in the mirror and say “I really, really love you!”

Still not convinced on how you will live your second half well first of all know it really is the unknown and isn’t that exciting to think that there is much to discover, to invent, to create, to build. To see.

The most important value and common denominator here to do all this successfully is to keep up the smile because that relates to the great healer, the great bringer of fantastical things….and that is the emotion of happiness.