Every day I walk by my podcast equipment and have said not today for over a year.  Feeling guilty about not doing one was not helping me attract what I want in my life because as we all know you get what ever you are putting focus and energy on and today I uploaded to iTunes a podcast. I am feeling momentum toward what I do want and it feels good.

What caused that momentum.  As a Law of Attraction Trainer, I practice and practice how to work with the universal energies so I always have aware momentum and lately I have been had my focus on these three words.




I have been meditating on the words and letting them flow through my daily thoughts.  I know that what I really want in my life is ready for me I just have to allow it in and that means giving up the resistance.  Resistance comes when you think or say thing like this.

I am not worthy

People don’t think I have value

I just don’t get results

My momentum that I talk about in the iTunes is about a new app called Periscope.  With this app you can

 teach and share content with others as much you wanted and you can do it your way.

I had been hearing for sometime that live streaming is the future of online business.

On periscope you can create content and talk to your audience at the same time.

For a creative this was very exciting. I could get an idea and push the periscope button and my followers would get a notification and then I could go live right there on the spot.

I personally believe that periscope is changing how we connect with each other.

  • How we get information
  • How we interact with other entrepreneurs
  • How we interact with our followers
  • New ideas on how we market our products and services

I found my self very excited that I could also repurpose my content over many areas so no longer will I be walking by my podcast equipment and wishing I would do a podcast.

Thank you for the spark from the universal energies….I am back on the podcasting road again.