10 reasons to Love Instagram

Instagram …fun…spontaneous…easy way of doing business reasons why I like Instagram 1.)Instagram is spontaneous! To post and to grab the moment in a image and the image trumps words every time. 2.) Has a history: launched publicly in October 2010 and has steadily grown in membership. Instagram […]

Feeling Down? Get a Solution

Feeling Down Lately? Here’s the Answer Is there an answer to feeling down? Let’s explore that idea first. If you are reading this title  you may already have your disbelief critic activated. There is no one size fits all There is not a medicine on this planet […]

Peri 10K Anniversary

Moment of Decision

Moment of Decision There have been times in my past when my future path lights up so bright I can’t miss the signal to make a course correction. What does a course correction look like? Feels like the angles are tapping you on your shoulder, […]