Is Your Life Too Complicated? Are You Looking For A Simpler Way?

Life can be Hard.  It can be Complicated and Complex. Discover How Easily You Can Change all that in just 4 weeks With This 4 Part Series "Learn Law Of Attraction The Fast, Fun Way".

You Already Know What ISN'T Working

Are these your everyday thoughts?

I always seem to attract the same thing over and over again until I feel everyday I am walking on a razor's edge from the time I get up until I go to bed.  Taking the blame has become a habit with me and every time I look at my bank account I don't see enough money and I blame myself for not doing better.  When the new day comes I don't want to get out of bed and I find myself always looking for escaping behavior like over eating and drinking or spending too much money.

I Learned That Every Problem is a New Opportunity in Disguise

Through Sandra Longmore's  4 part series  "Learn Law of Attraction the Fun, Easy Way" you can change your life by learning how to work with The Law of Attraction in a positive way.  The course will show You:

  • How Law of Attraction works
  • How to reset negative results into positive results
  • A 3 step formula to get more of what you do want and less of what you don't want
  • The difference between clarity and contrast
  • What the vibration bubble is all about
  • 3 tools showing how to allow
  • How to eliminate subconscious doubt and obstacles

Then One morning You woke up and said ENOUGH ALREADY I WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT

And....You said I cannot keep going on this way creating by default.  I don't want to settle for the same old things.  I deserve more.  I know there is something bigger out there for me.  I want out of this spin of living day by day with no resolution to my problems.


I found this  course and a mentor that started me down a new path of discovery


Isn't It time To Get to Know Who You Really Are?

  • Time to Find Out What You Really Want In Life.
  • Time to Fixate on Your Dreams and Watch Law of Attraction Orchestrate the Results You Want.
  • Time to Become Your Own Creator.
  • Time to Put a Stop to Your Downward Spiral.

The 5 most Common Mistakes People Make When It Comes to Knowing How Law Of Attraction Works.

  • 1

    Law of Attraction only occurs when I get something good.

    Law of Attraction will manifest what ever you are thinking about whether positive or negative.

  • 2

    Law of Attraction is a person or a higher being.

    Law of Attraction doesn't have a mind, and it does not think it only has one job to match your current vibration. It's job description is "Match Vibration".

  • 3

    Law of Attraction loves or hates me

    Law of Attraction cannot love or hate it is a energy like gravity. Do you say gravity hates me? or gravity loves me?

  • 4

    Law of Attraction will bring me what I want all I have to do is visualize.

    Even though visualization can influence your current point of perspective, it is only part of how Law of Attraction works. You have to keep emotionally up to speed with what you desire. You have to keep in the vicinity of the emotion or quality of your desire.

  • 5

    Law of Attraction can think, and plan my future because it knows best.

    Law of attraction does not plan or think. It does not have a brain. You are the one with the brain and you create your own reality by what you are currently thinking and feeling.

Now You Can Learn to Apply Law of Attraction to Your Life So That You Get Amazing Results.

In This 4PART Series "Learn Law Of Attraction The Fun - Fast Way"

what to expect in  "Learn Law of Attraction the Fun, Fast Way" 4PART Series

  • A Complete New Perspective
  • Proven Methods
  • A New Beginning
  • Powerful Results
  • A Life Playing Bigger
  • A Life of Having More fun
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This Investment In Your Future Will Give You

     Your Own Key to Solving the Puzzle of how to Manifest What You Want

  • A Life Changing Process

    That you can use every day to improve your life 100%.  Learning how to use Law of Attraction so that you get more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want will dramatically change everything in your life.

  • Toolbox of Tools and Processes

    You have the ability at any moment to reset your emotional set point. Instead of adding drama and intensity to a negative situation and increasing its effect on you. You will learn how to deliberately set the vibe you wish to have and take action on.



  • Guidance For Life

    You will own your own key to knowing how to take the next step to make the law of attraction into an effortless habit in your life. In the Google+ Community You will find yourself in the vicinity of like minded people and you will find your vibrational bubble expanding so that you will attract better results in your life.

 How Will I Apply This Process and The Law of Attraction to My Daily Life?

By learning Law of Attraction the fast, fun way you will find treasurers in the little and big things that occur as you live your life day by day.  You will discover that old patterns will dissolve as you learn tools to focus on new and more exciting discoveries.

Knowing what vibe you are sending will give you the power to take the right action at the right time to get more positive results in your life.

Become One of Those People Who are Enjoying Their Life and Becoming More Abundant and Successful Every Day.


Start Your New Life Today

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Your Expert Certified Law Of Attraction Trainer-Coach  Will Help You Install Law of Attraction Habits as a Natural Extension of Your Thoughts and You Will See Your Results get Better and Better.

hqdefault4Meet your Trainer-Coach Sandra Longmore

About Sandra

Sandra has helped hundreds of people understand and apply Law of Attraction to their lives.  She is a skilled trainer and coach who understands the process and how to help people clear the confusion and get clear about their life purpose.

Sandra Longmore is a  Credentialed Life Coach, Certified Energy Master for Advanced Coaching, Certified trainer of The-Law-Of-Attraction, Certified Master trainer in Vision-Board, multi-media artist, teacher, published author, and entrepreneur with vast life experience. Her educational background is extensive and includes numerous honors and degrees in art, psychology, business, technology, and spirituality. She recently received the “Woman of The Year” from the National Association of Professional Woman and is registered in the Continental Who’s Who Registry.


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The Purpose of Life is to Live in Joy, Laugh a Lot and Have Fun


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"Law of Attraction" The Fast-Fun Way"

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Your Virtual Training Agenda for

Learn Law of Attraction the Fun - Fast Way

Training Class #1

Definition and  Basic Principals of LOA

  1. Definition of Law of Attraction

  2. How many Vibes You Can Have At One Time.

  3. The Job of Law of Attraction

  4. Learn About the Reset Button

  5. When to Ask “What Do You Want”

  6. The 3 step Formula

  7. What is Clarity/Contrast

Training Class #2

Learn How to Harness Law of Attraction

  1. Three Words to Eliminate From Your Vocabulary
  2. Contrast through clarity Process
  3. How to Create a Desire Statement
  4. How to Journal for Results
  5. Advanced learning Techniques

Training Class #3

Tools for Creating What You Want

  1. What is the vibration bubble
  2. Learn Step 3 allowing
  3. Learn 3 tools for allowing
  4. How to celebrate in moment
  5. How to record evidence
  6. Let LOA figure it out
  7. Building a list of manifestations
  8. Journal methods

Training Class #4

Eliminate Obstacles and Learn How to Kick It Up a Notch

  1. Blockages and obstacles
  2. Eliminate subconscious doubt
  3. Reinforce your desires
  4. The drama wheel
  5. Negative vs. positive emotions
  6. Identify self-limiting beliefs
  7. Kick things up a notch how to develop high vibrations


The JOY is in the JOURNEY


  1. Fulfillment needs assessment
  2. Google hangouts on the above subjects
  3. Life Evaluator
  4. What makes your heart sing process
  5. How to use the emotional scale
  6. How to determine your values

How will it feel to see the new day with a smile ready to discover new opportunities?

How will it feel to know no matter what the day's challenges You can apply the Law of Attraction to shift challenges into favorable conditions?

By learning Law of Attraction the fast-fun way You will make Law of Attraction a Habit in Your Life and Waking Up with a smile is Guaranteed.


  • A Life Changing Process

    100% Improvement

    Better results

    Less stress


    Positive change

  • Toolbox of Tools and Processes

    Reset Button
    create deliberately
    New vocabulary
    3-step formula

  • Guidance For Life

    New habits
    vibrational bubble


Learn Law of Attraction the Fast-Fun Way

Join the Successful People Who Have Learned How to Change Their life with Law of Attraction.