Get Rid Of Over Complication In Your Life

     In This 4PART series:


Meet Sandra...

I remember what it was like....feeling overwhelmed by how life was looking. I was....

  •  Over weight,
  • Over worked
  • Over the top
  • Going down the other side of the hill!

And trying to figure out WHAT's NEXT and then through a number of fortunate events my life path took a turn into

  • Renewed Hope
  • Lot's of Enthusiasm
  • And Fun, Fun, Fun

My second act is amazing and full of fun, and discovery of the leading edge of what's new.

I am a Certified Life Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Trainer with my own HangOutWithSandraLongmore Show.

Every day when I wake up I say with a huge smile, WHAT'S NEXT and happily hop out of bed looking forward to my new day.


WHAT'S NEXT! My amazing new day.....

Learn Law of Attraction the Fast, Fun  Way- 4PART Series

  • Easy to Understand language
  • Learn at your own pace
  • All recorder so listen anytime anywhere
  • As you apply this material your results will amaze you!

YOU already know What Isn't Working

  • Attracting The Same Thing Over and Over Again
  • Taking the Blame
  • Always Feeling like you are walking a razor's edge
  • Escaping Behavior
  • No money in your bank account

What's different this time?

  • This is a step by step formula that works over and over.
  • You will get clear about what you want.
  • You will learn how to focus on what you want.
  • You will learn accountability is fun.
  • You Will Succeed

Why Me?

  • It's time for a pattern break
  • You deserve the best
  • You cannot afford to keep creating by default
  • why would you want same old same old?
  • A whole new adventure is waiting for you

Why Now?

  • Time to get to know the most wonderful person in the world YOU
  • Time to find out how to get what you really want out of life
  • This is the time to fixate on your dreams and watch Law of Attraction grow them to you.
  • This is the best of times to become your own creator

What To Expect

  • Complete New Perspective
  • Proven Methods
  • A New Beginning
  • Powerful Results
  • A Life Playing Bigger
  • A Life of Having More Fun

You will receive

  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • All classes are recorded and available in the G+ Community for future and repeat viewing
  • A G+ Community so you can stay connected
  • Bonus materials
  • A private coaching session with Sandra Longmore

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Your Investment

  • Life Changing Process
  • Guidance for life
  • New Friends and relationships in community
  • Toolbox of tools and processes
  • YOUR ownKey to solving the puzzle of how to manifest what you want


Key To Opportunity

What Happens If I Do Nothing?

  • Nothing at all
  • You'll may not find out what treasurers you possess
  • Repeating The Same Pattern
  • Continue with Your External Search
  • Post on Facebook How Things Are working out
  • Focus on Other Things
  • Create numbness with food, TV, drama, etc.


Who are YOU

The Investment

Start you new life today

Only 2 Payments of $48

Or 1 payment of $95

Your Best Life is Waiting For YOU!

Get Started NowYou Will Be Amazed At Your Results

Your Virtual Training Agenda


Training Class #1

I. Definition and  Basic Principals of LOA

  1. Definition of Law of Attraction

  2. How many Vibes you can have at one time.

  3. The Job of Law of Attraction

  4. Learn about the reset button

  5. When to Ask “What Do You Want”

  6. The 3 step formula

  7. What is Clarity/Contrast


Training Class #2

II. Learn How to Harness Law of Attraction


  1. Don’t Not No, So what do you want?
  2. Contrast through clarity stories
  3. Step 2 Desire Statement
  4. How to Journal for results
  5. Advanced learning recap


Training Class #3

III. Tools for creating what you want


  1. Vibration Bubble
  2. Step 3 Allowing (what is allowing definition give equation)
  3. 3 tools for allowing
  4. Celebrate in moment
  5. Record evidence
  6. Let LOA figure it out
  7. Celebrate (participant to build list of what has manifested so far)
  8. Introduce journal
  9. What learned-how would do differently


Training Class #4

IIII. Eliminate obstacles and learn how to kick it up a notch

  1. Blockages and obstacles
  2. Eliminate subconscious doubt
  3. Reinforce your desires (stay in the vicinity)
  4. The drama wheel (victim mentality)
  5. Negative vs. positive emotions (emotional scale)
  6. Identify self-limiting beliefs
  7. Kick things up a notch Develop High Vibrations


The JOY is in the JOURNEY

  1. Fulfillment needs assessment
  2. Google hangouts on the above subjects
  3. Life Evaluator
  4. what makes your heart sing
  5. Emotional Scale
  6. How to determine your values

No Risk

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In Just 4 Short Weeks

  • 4 weeks to a new complete new perspective on your life
  • 4 weeks to more smiles less stress
  • 4 weeks to attracting more abundance
  • 4 weeks to More of the good of life


Discover the secrets to a happy, fulfilling, and abundant life style by applying Law Of Attraction delibertly.

Are you one of those people who experience great timing in your life when the resources you need appear at just the right time and place or do you sometimes feel you are on a roll of bad luck and you would like to know how to change so that you could have a more positive and happy life.


These are influences are both caused by a very powerful force called Law of Attraction and right now it is working in your life all day 24 x 7.

The Law of Attraction is defined as: I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy, and focus to, whether positive or negative.

Now with this course you can learn how to use the Law of Attraction deliberately and integrate it into your daily life. By doing this you will start to see different results.

You will attract all you need to do, know, and have
You will get more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want
You will have easy-to-follow tools, exercises and processes like:

  • The 3-step formula
  • How to identify your desires
  • And how to give your desires attention
  • And how to allow your desires to come to you



  • You Will Learn How to Use Law of Attraction in Your Business and Personal Life
  • You Will Learn How to Start Using Positivity Thinking in Your Life
  • You Will Learn How to Improve Your Work and Personal Life
  • How to Attract Awesome Opportunities in Your Personal and Business Life
  • Learn How to Have a Life of Fun, Happiness, and Fulfillment

Make YOUR Best Choice Now!

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