Artist, Artisan, Crafters Mastermind Group

And How to Take Your

Creative Business To The Next Level

Your Mastermind will provide you with a powerful supportive team experience with like-minded people. You will feel wonderful synergy and be supported in your practice where you will reach extraordinary goals

Learn how Law of Attraction can help  build your business and get you more cash flow

What is a Mastermind Group and How Will It Help Me Make The Application of Law of Attraction in my Business a Natural and Successful Practice?

The concept behind WHY masterminds work is something called collaborative intelligence, defined as “a situation where the knowledge and problem-solving capability of a group is much greater than the knowledge possessed by any individual group member.”

the central concept of a Mastermind is that when 2 or more people come together in a spirit of harmony to achieve a common goal the presence of an additional mind forms - the Master Mind.

Each Mastermind member practices the art of giving and receiving. Each team member needs to have integrity with their commitment to the team and its purpose.

At the end of each meeting each participant will declare a goal that they will reach prior to the next meeting. The goal needs to be clear, measurable and reasonably attainable within the timespan. The team is there to support you with your goals and to hold you accountable.

Your Artist, Artisan, Crafters Business Mastermind Group will Provide You With Incredible Benefits in Short Time (8 weeks)

  • Make amazing progress toward your goals as you meet with supportive others
  • Enlarge your goals even larger than you imagine
  • Feel the commitment when you state your goals to your team knowing that their only intention is your outmost success in meeting them
  • Watch doors open with powerful alternatives to your roadblocks as your Masterminds shower you with their brainstorming
  • Create and enjoy a strong network that opens new possibilities and opportunities

Your Artist, Artisan, Crafter Business

 Mastermind Group Program

Step-by-Step Summary

  • Your One-Page Worksheet for each week of the program
  • Class calendar with all the Dates-At-A-Glance
  • Enter the Private Community and view Sandra's video greeting and leave one of your own to introduce yourself.
  • You will receive reminders prior to the first class meeting so you can attend live, interact and ask questions. The recordings of each class will be published in the Google+ Private Community
  • The recordings of each class will be published in our Google+ Private Community
  • Come with your ‘challenges’ and together we will find solutions
  • Come with your ‘idea's’ and together we will expand the vision
  • Each session will have a Law of Attraction and Life Coaching ‘teaching point’ for you to apply to your business

Your Private Community in Google+ gives you access to everything:

  • Live Events links
  • Recordings of all events
  • Interaction with other working Artist, Artisans, Crafters sharing business strategy
  • Training worksheets
  • And much, much more



Register using the Order button above and Meet and interact with your fellow Artist, Artisans, Crafters Business Group.

You can access the Private Community from any PC, MAC, Smartphone or iPad device

Artist, Artisan, and Crafter

8 Mastermind Sessions (2 hours)

(Held weekly for 8 weeks)

8 Consecutive Thursdays

 10-12 am PST (1pm-3 EST)

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The Artist, Artisan, Crafter Mastermind  will close
when the Mastermind team is full

(All hangouts recorded and added to the private Community)

  • Get trained by Sandra Longmore Law of Attraction "How-To" Trainer and Life Coach
  • Network with motivated Artists, Artisans, Crafters from all over the world
  • Access your private Community at any time and from any device
  • Participate in a motivating Mastermind group that will eliminate your blockers and have you reaching your highest goals and expectations
  • Make friends and business contacts for life

Exceed Your Highest Expectations!

We know you are a high achiever or you wouldn't be this far down this report looking for "what else is involved here".

What else is simple

It is time for YOU to create your life YOUR way and expect the BEST and ALLOW it to manifest,

Sandra Longmore, Certified Law of Attraction Trainer and Life Coach



 You’ll be excited to see what’s possible for you when you join a Mastermind group based on the Law of Attraction. You’ll have the right support and guidance to create the results you want for your business – and your life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity… the possibilities are endless!


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