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Why Periscope is a Game Changer for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur looking to up level your business?

Are you someone who gets the shakes when you think about speaking in front of a large audience?

Or do you find it hard to get likes and followers on Facebook and other social media platforms

And you are wishing there was something different in the social media world.

If any of these three questions sparked your interest you are in the right place.

I am going to discuss “Why periscope is a game changer for entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur spirit is a beautiful thing

  • The entrepreneur is always ready for what’s next.
  • Always ready to go on to more and more achievements instead of settling
  • Money is not the main motivation for the entrepreneur but the outcome
  • The entrepreneur spirit wants to do things his  way not the way of the crowd

As an entrepreneur I often found the being on the entrepreneur road to be both thrilling and punishing.

It’s hard for others to  understand the entrepreneur spirit.  They would ask why I would spend a lot of my time and money  going to seminars, taking on line courses and still not making any money.

I had one fan however, My husband, Tom, was very supportive. If it makes you happy do it he would say!

Whenever I would learn something new at these seminars and class I would be thinking this is so good, so worthwhile, how can I teach it to others? But it always seemed so overwhelming on how to share with others I would just give the idea up.

When periscope came along it was like a dream come true. 

Here was a platform where I could teach and share content with others as much as I wanted and I could do it my way.

I had been hearing for sometime that live streaming is the future of online business.

On periscope I can create content and talk to my audience at the same time.

For a creative this was very exciting. I could get an idea and push the periscope button and my followers would get a notification and then I could go live right there on the spot.

I personally believe that periscope is changing how we connect with each other.

  • How we get information
  • How we interact with other entrepreneurs
  • How we interact with our followers
  • New ideas on how we market our products and services

Periscope was my game changer.

  • I felt more self confident
  • more creative
  • and I was having fun sharing

As I did more periscope broadcasts I could feel my self improve at live broadcasting and I could repurpose the content. Let me explain how to repurpose your periscope content.

5 ways repurpose your periscope content

  1. Create a blog post out of your content
  2. Do a Google plus hangout with the same content
  3. Google plus will put your content on you tube
  4. Put periscope, the blog post, and the Google plus hangout on your Internet site.
  5. Do a podcast with the same content

The gurus of creating massive audiences  all agree on one thing when it comes to giving advice.  They say, do a creative video every day.

Periscope is by far the easiest way to create, produce and distribute daily videos.

Not only is periscope fun but once you start start periscoping regularly you will find yourself creating  useful content that will engage your audience and you will have fun all at the same time.

When I do a periscope I feel like I am the real me, I don’t have to edit my broadcasts and my audience is ok with the authentic me as well. As they say in marketing this personal connection builds the “know, like and trust” factor at a fast rate and that people buy from those they like and trust.


The periscope bonus is the ability to join a tribe

You don’t have to learn periscope alone Tribes on periscope help learn periscope and will also help you get followers and supporters.

I choose Peri10k and have increased my followers and have tapped into a whole new follower base. I also have had many request for friends on Facebook and hits on my website.

Everyday Peri10k periscopes a shareathon where 10 speakers share their combine expertise on one topic.  This is a inspirational and useful information for the speaker and the viewer.

I love my peri10k tribe and am grateful to have been accepted into this highly valued tribe that is known for great content and inspirational speakers.

In conclusion, Periscope is the evolution of how we connect with each other.  Check the periscope app out and the peri10ktribe both are a game changer for you.