In this broadcast  I will share a great secret for improving your life.

A secret that will help you understand your life better

A secret that will help you understand others and events that used to puzzle you.

The secret is how your energy and the energy of others combine to create a point of perspective that put together with focus and awareness create the reality you are currently living and in this broadcast I will reveal it in a way that you will find that you too can apply to your life.

This weekend I went to two events that gave me a big aha about how important it is to align with the energy of vibration.

As a refresher a vibration is part of a smaller word vibe and means what ever you are thinking, feeling and focusing on in the present moment. And what ever you are focusing on you will get more of no exceptions this is a universal law.  Click on the button and listen to the complete broadcast that will greatly improve your life experience.