In this episode#5 you will learn how to overcome excuses and keep from settling for less. You will learn how to take right action. Right action is to learn to do the greatest amout with the least output of energy.

I show you how to apply this idea to a practical application that you can use in your daily life.

You do this by keeping in touch with who you really are….by keeping in touch with the source of all supply. The source of all supply is the most expanded part of you. The 96% of you. The 4% of you is your physical being the flesh and bones of you but the 96% is the rest of you that knows you are worthy and is urging you to climb higher on your ladder.

  • You will learn that Excuses just keep you stuck in the unwanted areas of your life


  • Settling for less is a excuse for not trying
  • For what you really want


  • You do know what you want


  • Lift your emotional set point and you will advance in your life path


  • You can shift your current reality by remembering that you are an expanded being who came to this planet to create and live in joy.


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Episode#6 Episode#6 When you think you cannot change but want to change

Life is a ladder by which you go step by step so stay tuned to find out more.

In this episode you will learn

What the consequence of not overcoming your reasons for not changing.

You heard about those who changed their circumstances even though they were unimaginably impossible to change by maintaining their inner knowing, inner faith in something higher than themselves or those around them

Life is a ladder and that means you need to stay in balance to stay on the ladder.

Being in balance means posture. In both Your world and in your inner world.

And your posture your confidence comes from the foundation of what is essential in your inner core that part of you that loves higher thoughts and higher aspirations. The part of you that never doubts your worthiness.

Everyday you have a choice to stay in balance, live in joy and climb the ladder a little higher of hang onto the ladder for dear life as you fill your thoughts with worry, and impossibilities.

I encourage you to take a step today to finding something that makes you feel more balanced, more powerful as this is your true nature. This balance is what you came into this world to achieve. Do It!!

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