Here are some tools that will greatly help you feel more powerful when challenged.

1.Use aphorisms…with the word in process not I am

2.Use your breath…. this way…. breath in open your mouth slightly and breath in cool air while thinking I am breathing in cool air and breath out through your nose cold air. This will bring you into your body. And quiet your mind.

3.Shift your thoughts to appreciation. Look around the room and start to appreciate anything you see. Colors, fabrics, etc.

Sounds like this: I really appreciate the color orange, it is a happy color

I love the scene from this window I appreciate how I live in such a beautiful planet.

Think of how beautiful our planet is and how wonderful it is that a new day comes every day. With out exception.

Think of anything that will shift your point of perspective.

The purpose here is to shift your energy so that when you are in front of the lion you will feel like the powerful one who knows how to win not only this race but any race any time.

In this broadcast you learned that you are a powerful and clever person and that you have the know how to how to shift your energy at anytime and any place no matter where you are or who you are with.

Will you still meet the lion? Oh yes that is the diversity of life…but you will also know that you will win every time because you have the true power in you to overcome any and all obstacles.

So thanks for being my inspiration to create this content for you. And until next time….

This is Sandra Longmore of signing off…


The last few weeks I have been in Arizona getting my certification for Energy Mastery for advanced coaching so will not be broadcasting and the week after that I will be on a land cruise with Abraham of Abraham hicks productions in Mexico. My vibe is soooo high…and in the middle of April I will be broadcasting again with amazing content for you!