Intention? You are free to choose struggle or freedom

I want to emphasize the point of your now reality is in the present moment. If you are feeling struggle and bondage you can change that right now. You don’t have to have the new house, new job, new mate to feel the happiness you deserve in the present moment.

You only need to find something in your life that will uplift you and in the uplifting you will attract more pleasurable things into your life. As Abraham of Abraham-Hicks Productions says

The basis of your life is Freedom; the purpose of your life is Joy. 
You are free to choose to discover new avenues for joy. In your joy you will grow, and in your joyous growth you will add to the growth experience of All-That-Is. (However, you are also free to choose bondage or pain.) you are so free to choose we actually have a choice do we choose freedom, joy or do you choose struggle?

In this episode I talk about choices at all times of your life and also give you a beautiful meditation around the wheel of life.

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