Episode 3  Learn How to Focus for Results

FOCUS on what you want and the rest will follow

In this episode #3 you learned how to focus for results.

The most practical application is

  • become more aware of what you are thinking at all times.
  • Know that the process of getting more abundance is the quality of being there.
  • That means that inorder to have abundance you will need to adjust your thinking and have the feeling of abundance.

Give up this kind of thinking, Oh great! I don’t have any money how can I get the feeling of having money. Instead think of the emotions connected to having money.

Suggested emotions are

  • ease
  • flow
  • happy,
  • confident

practice of these emotions in everything you. I give great examples in the broadcast. Remember that

the emotions are the engine that bring things to you and LOA is the way the thing you want is magnetized to you.

You might starting using affirmations when something aligns with what you want.

The process of getting there is the quality of being there.

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