Episode #14 Are you on the razor’s edge of wanting change

Know that change takes time and lasting change takes practice so take the advice given and first of all know that when your current trap is so dark that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and your most expanded self is waving that light. Look for clues on how to get into a brighter life full of fun, and discovery. Expect change at every corner.

 The most practical application of this material is always the higher feeling thoughts and trust that they are always waiting for you to find them

Your thoughts are powerful, powerful and by taking the time to learn more about how they create your current situations is well worth your time and energy.

Be a deliberate chooser.

Every day you eat and sleep and every day all day and all night you think and think. You can choose what you eat you can choose what time you go to bed and you can choose what thoughts you think.

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