Front view of slim woman in black shirt and over sized jeans. Over white background.


Do you feel losing weight is just too complicated and requires way too much effort?

But you find that as you bend over to tie your shoes your stomach gets in the way and you have to tilt to the left or lift your foot up to get them tied.

Tips and tricks to get you on the way to feeling better and lose weight

  1. Appreciate your self for making the decision to change. You might think this is easy but will take some effort but will be worth the effort.
  2. Remember that the more you shift into the habit of thinking positive the easier any task will become. This is one of the laws of the universe “like attracts like”.
  3. Once you get your positive charge up you will be in the receiving mode. Become aware of what you are attracted to that will help you start an activity that will help you lose weight.
  4. Be open to discovery.
  5. Expect that just the right solution will be revealed to you.
  6. Don’t push but adopt the attitude of ease, and fun.

This way of thinking will improve your odds for success. You may find yourself among other people who are not suffering but laughing, clapping as they weigh on a scale. You will start hearing new words of encouragement like permanent change happens from the inside out and you have the capacity to change. This kind of energy is electric and contagious. Your dreams of becoming thin, and healthy are just around the corner.