The Art of a positive mindset

What is the art of a positive mindset?

  • Some don’t have a clue
  • Some of us are working on it
  • And some have mastered it (I will show you a inspirational clip on a true master at the end of this post)

What is mastery of the art of a positive mindset?

  • Observe contrast briefly
  • Pivot, your thoughts
  • Know it’s not your story
  • Seek harmony
  • Open back up to the receptive mode for positive things to come into your life

It might look something like this:

You are driving down the road and listening to the radio about a disaster.

You feel (compassion, sympathy, or maybe terror.

You pivot…your current emotional set point by. saying a

  • Prayer
  • Statement, history always works it self out
  • Observe your surroundings in a positive way

For example:

You look up and see Birds

 you remember birds are a symbol of freedom

and think somehow this disaster will work out for the best.

Harsh! You might be thinking:

But it’s like this:

You can’t get worried enough about the disaster to change anything but add to the negative vibration

But you can uplift yourself and create better feeling thoughts that will help the disaster come to a better end. Your thoughts are very powerful for you and others.

You don’t have to carry the energy of anything that is affecting your life in a negative way.

Why should I want to master the art of a positive mindset?


  • You are magnetic energy
  • Your thoughts and emotions are what you see manifest in your everyday world.
  • By creating the art of a positive mindset will help you to fine tune your process of thought by becoming a deliberate thinker.
  • Once you find harmony in the situation: All else will fall into place.



How do I master the art of a positive mindset?

Become a deliberate thinker….

Listen to other deliberate thinkers