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SandraLongmore.com is a site for finding answers and solutions

to personal development

through Art making


My Commitment To The Content
I will create Art and content for you that will

Uplift, educate, transform, and be solution orientated

Be a good friend, and guide that will keep your day filled with uplifting and relevant      information so that you thrive with a creative and abundant life style.

A source of information on leading information for your creative life.

Help you achieve an amazing creative life.

My Commitment To The global community

  • I commit to enhance and serve the global community

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Once you know the basics of this new way of living the corners of your lips will turn up revealing a new inner knowing and you will  glow from within.  The journey of creative self-discovery and personal empowerment is beyond the expectation of the ordinary. Join me to upgrade  all areas of your life, work, health, love and acceptance.  

Your experience with Art, whether you create your own or buy mine, will guide, provide action steps, and solutions for all areas of living. You will find yourself living in the place where everything is sweet.

Learn to attract what you do want and how to reset all resistance to the special positive place where everything is possible. The Honey Pot of Life is where you belong.

Latest news:

I have been named a Instructional Director at Medallion Art Class

I am working full time on my Art….So fun this sweet spot!

Podcast “SHE” Self-Help Energies for Personal Development is now available on itunes!

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