-You Only Live Once –

Follow Your Dreams 

You Only Live Once or YOLO Concept with Young Woman Reading Book with Her Feet Raised in The Air

YOLO or “You only live once” seems to be a slang saying adopted by the young. Especially the young that want to define themselves as adventurous, and often leaping at the limits of acceptable behavior. When their behavior is pointed out they say hey, why not? YOLO


Do you remember Mae West who in the 20th century said “Your only live once” with her sexy, husky voice that I think everybody who ever heard her remembers her.

I love writing these blogs so I can ask myself this sort of question. What does the phrase you only live once mean to me? And how does that relate to following my dreams.

The two statements in the topic don’t go together for me. I sense desperation in both the YOLO crowd and Mae West and I want to live a life full of balanced activities and accomplishment of my dreams.

I think if you are busy rapping the YOLO or Mae West trail of being motivated by crazy behavior you are going to be experiencing a living nightmare. Lets explore how life would look with a balanced attitude.

7 Ways to Align with your dreams so that they will manifest

  1. Drop the idea that you have tried to do everything and still no results.
  2. Pick up the idea that you can take a leap of faith into the unknown in a balanced way.
  3. Shift your perception by discovering what you are really afraid of and then ask your self is that true.
  4. Remember fear is only in your thoughts that you keep thinking.
  5. Practicing forgiveness will help you rise your vibration and a high vibration will catapult you into inspired action not fear action.
  6. Trust the universe always has your back. There are forces at work bring to you the most cooperative components that you will accept to bring your dreams to you.
  7. Stop pushing against and allow the good stuff to come into your life. In otherwise get out of your own way.

Give up trying to figure out what the accomplishment of your dreams should look like. Your universal team is hard at work and if you keep insisting on a small dream when they have a larger one in mind for you. It is your resistance that keeps the wonderful large dream from coming to you.

Inspirational stones

In conclusion it’s all about the big dream that is waiting for you. By giving up the little stuff like fear, and limited beliefs, you will be amazed what will manifest. Enjoy the process as each day something new unfolds for you. Stay centered in knowing you were born to align with the high vibrations of the universe and then watch the unexpected and fun events come to you in the fastest way possible.