core values phrase handwritten on the school blackboard

How to find values that will make your heart sing

This blog post is about how to know when your values are true. But lets look at why values are important to you. Do you remember the line in the movie Forest Gump My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Well, if you don’t know what you want you’ll end up with what you get!

This is why identifying values are important because it lets you know on a deep level what you really want in life.

Dictionary definition for values: equivalent, valiant, validity, evaluate, value, valor.

Nice bunch of words don’t you think?

  • What are values? Well
  • Values are who you are.
  • Not who you would like to be
  • Not whom you think you should be
  • Not whom your mother or father or aunt Betty thinks you should be
  • WHO you are right now in this moment in this lifetime.


Another way to put it is that values represent your very unique individuality.

There is no one anywhere that has your DNA…your individual essence and your most fulfilling form of expressing.

Your values serve as a compass, your values are like a …… GPS, or a guiding star showing you the way to be true to yourself. And the perks the good part is that when you honor your values you will feel awesome and filled up with good feeling thoughts.

Evelyn a woman I was working with experienced this light bulb moment when she found clarity on what was really important in her life. Her decision making became easier and more fun. The values are like the roots of the tree that nourishes everything else and bears the sweetest delicious fruit ever…

How to get crystal clear about what are your real values.

  •  Your values have to resonate with your core…
  • with the most intimate part of you….
  • the part that rings your bells…. and lights your fire….
  • values have to feel this way in order to be effective.

Your core values make it easier to facilitate fulfilling choices, to strategize and take appropriate actions.

  • It is fun and rewarding to find out about YOU in this way.
  • There is emotional attachment to values and the emotional spectrum may be difficult for you to put in words.
  • Be easy on yourself and know that you will have a unique spin on the value in the form of a word coming from the very core of you.

Exercise: to get just the right feeling with your values and know that your value will come more into focus as you pay attention to them.

Write down a word and then write several other words that you associate with that word, you will access both your subconscious as well as the whole spectrum of energy around the word. And at the same time light you inner fire….

What you do is first is write down the word. For example lets do the word security. And then write down word you associate around the word security:

…Now go from your belly brain on this one. …Your gut level feelings… hummm don’t over think it just let it flow…(give them a few min.) This is what I came up with around the word security: I associated…these words…. safety, abundance, happy necessary love feeling, want, enjoy warm happy

Now number the words you have just written ask yourself…. what has the most energy for you in this moment. For example: I came up with this…. 1.happy 2.enjoy 3.abundance

Now I have a cluster a spectrum of energy for the value of the word security. So my value would look like this:

Security/happy/enjoy/abundance. It’s your turn… look at your words again and put the word out of the word cluster that you just created in order…what word has the most energy? …. For me it looks like this:

Surprise! first word is not security but:

Happy/abundance/joy/security…. putting my value at this cluster of happy/abundance/joy/security I feel a connection to a value that feels good to me. The original cluster of security/happy/enjoy/abundance seemed dry to me and I did not have the same warm feeling as putting the value as happy/abundance/joy/security……… did you notice that I started with the word security and after the exercise…I put security as last in my word cluster…. this surprised me and I felt a higher frequency with my new value Custer. So can you see that until you feel the heart connection…you won’t be very excited with your value line-up?

By tapping into my whole being, my spectrum of energy, my sub consciousness and core level I came up with a new set of meaning of what I value most.

This gives you a place to start with your list of values.

You can Google lists of values, or just start a list on your own. It is really better if you use value cluster idea because as you have seen when I did it my value changed a great deal and more importantly I can feel the resonance of the new word cluster in my heart the new cluster has far more resonance and feeling for me to say happy/abundance/joy/security than to just list the word security as one of my values.

Be flexible values change as you change. So give yourself that permission. To change as you change.

By identifying values you will have a very powerful tool to create anything in your life. You have a PowerPoint when you approach a troublesome decision or confusion about a new opportunity  that has opened up for YOU!