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Thinking about competition 3 Reasons why it’s Time to Stop

Formulas for anything will soon give way to another formula and then another so if this topic “thinking about competition and 3 reasons why its time to stop is a formula lets examine it in this context.

Let’s begin by examining your own ideas about competition and then you can make your own decision if you should stop thinking about competition or not.

Ask yourself, how does competition affect my life and are my thoughts about competition negative or positive.

Competition feels negative when:

You begin to look at your life as unworthy

You walk into a business meeting and you feel others have more value than you.

You constantly compare yourself to others and find yourself lacking in body shape, finances, and intelligence

You go to bed at night thinking I will never be as successful as others.

You start to feel everyone is smarter than you.

The key word here is everyone. Everyone does not feel this way. It is only you and thinking this way will affect your performance negatively.

You think my ideas are silly and not valued. Thinking this way will keep you from moving forward on your goals and dreams.

To summarize when thinking of completion in negative terms in your mind remind yourself that there is a better solution 

My Answer to the topic “Thinking about competition, 3 reasons to stop” is YES stop thinking about the completion in this way SEEK THE BETTER SOLUTION.

Ok then how do I think about competition so that I have better feeling thoughts?

Competition affects you positively when:

You feel inspired to improve

When you watch dances with the stars, or someone doing amazing things with their body, you could feel inspired to exercise more, I want to improve my body.

When you see other’s serving their customers with great service, you may think about how you could interact with others differently.

Instead of continuing with the same old, same old look at your competition and think how can I expand beyond my boundaries and become more leading edge in my thinking and actions in my life and business.

In conclusion, living a creative life of choice on how your view completion or anything is all about how you look at your life and how you want to live your life.  We live in a universe of choice and diversity. Dreams can come true.  Competition can be your new best friend. 

Using your imagination to create what you want is

 leading edge 

 playing in the major league

 puts you in the drivers seat

 expressing your life your way 

 inventing what otherwise would not be there

Take the positive or the negative and use it as fuel for the fire

to catapult you into the new next adventure.