Positive thought plus creating is like money in the bank

I live my life as an artist everyday creating paintings.  My husband Tom lives his life creating also in a different way. He loves figuring out the mechanical.

Tom recently brought home this pop-up trailer and set to work creating many modifications. He added an awning, extra storage in the front and back of the trailer. He even made custom fold out tables for the outside. When he is creating he is definitely in the process of flowing energy. I see him loving to create using his ideas and 3 D objects. In this case the pop-up trailer.

I completely support him in his creative flow because I know that when he is using his core desires to get what he wants, I too will benefit and so will those around him.

Positive thought and creating is like money in the bank or the best tasting thing ever and this kind of energy overflows into other areas.   Think he will make some home repairs next.

Our home is another story. We built the home ourselves with no outside help and have never had a mortgage. We just created as we went and soon we had a wonderful home in the best spot in the world and it has always been mortgage free.