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Todays special blog post is links to the weeks best blog posts

How To Tell Your Life Story in 10 Minuets This blog post will solve any hesitation you might have about how to tell your life story.  There are wonderful tools and tips that will inform and inspire.

How To Survive While You Are Waiting  Have you given up hope on getting something you have wanted for a long time? Like finding your ideal job or your ideal partner. You may be feeling it is hopeless but read this blog and find out another reason why you are not getting what you desire.

How To Be Successful In Business Are you someone who has tried to make a go in your Internet business but nothing seems to work and you are ready to throw up your hand in frustration. This blog post will be refreshing to you because it takes a different approach to business. This approach uses the idea of gently flowing downstream instead of paddling frantically upstream. Said another way do you want the hard way or the easy way?

Is Creativity The 7th Sense  First lets start with the 6th sense, this may be a surprise as most authorities say there is only 5 recognized senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. But lately I have been reading about many neurologists have identified nine or more senses and some list as many as 21. So by the same token you could add at least one more to the list, creativity.

The How And Why You Should Let Go  Today I had my husband put three big plastic bags in the trunk of my car.  What’s this, he said.  These are good clothes.  I answered don’t bring anything out of those bags.  It has taken me 10 years to let go of those clothes. Letting go of things that no longer serve you is difficult to say the least and sometimes you don’t even know you are holding on to things that no longer serve you.

3 Great Tips That Will Bring You A Beautiful Morning Are one of those people who wishes they would wake up happy and ready for a fantastic day but what usually happens is different than you want to have happen.  Does your story sound more like this.  The alarm rings , hitting the snooze you knock over your glasses and then getting up you stub your toes.  You think “this is going to be a rotten day” I should just stay in bed.