The secret to keeping love alive:The secret to keeping love alive is to remember the secret of where you came from:You came from love and you will return to love                                           You don’t need formulas, or secret potions                         But let’s have a little fun and see if we can find any potion….. As we learned in Harry Potter, it is impossible to create love — even in the wizarding world.   But, as the Weasley brothers discovered, you can concoct a potion that causes the drinker to become powerfully infatuated with the person that gave it to them.                                                Love potions were a favorite amongst the girls at Hogwarts, but what about real life? 

Do love potions truly exist? How about this, I noticed yesterday special stands out on the street…full of flowers and men stopping to buy them.

The love potions of history and Harry potter state that if you drink the potion you will fall in love with the person who gives you the potion. 

I think that the mindset of the men buying the flowers may be thinking the same thing.

Men might be thinking, I give her the flowers and she will remember that I love her and that’s good right?

And I agree the receiver will probably feel good.

My husband went one step farther. 

He brought home flowers in a pot with a cute bird in it…that chirps every time I walk by it.

Humm! How did I feel!

I felt good, happy, cheered by the chirp of the bird.

In the Harry Potter world there is a however when one gives another the love potion, the love turns into obsession rather than affection because true love cannot be produced through artificial means.

That brings up a good tip: 

You don’t need to get people to be different so that you feel good.

In fact if you knew how good you could really feel, how great you are with possibilities of your own you would free yourself of needing to use your energy to control anyone or anything.

Its hard and actually an impossible task to control others.

When you let all this go you are left with one thing…

the vibration of love

Love is where you came from and Love is                          where you will go back.

Ok but what if you feel a spark of annoyance

Like I felt when the cute little bird that my husband gave me for Valentines Day was darn annoying.

Or in harry potter when the maker’s of the new love potions, Fred and George discovered:

That true love cannot be produced through artificial means and the feelings that the love potion creates are more like obsession than affection.

The potions did work in one round about way.  They had a good effect over ones filled with hate or annoyance the love potion canceled out the effects of a hate potion as they were opposite of each other. This is useful advice I think because.

In today’s reality when feeling annoyed I could cancel it out by thinking the opposite. 

Love or gratitude




So already, Stop the stream of thinking annoyed, cover the darn bird up, and feel free of thoughts that can only bring me down on this beautiful Valentines Sunday. 

Whenever you feel a spark of annoyance, turn it around and find a trait for which to be grateful. 


 Think of petty annoyances as a spark from your wood-burning stove, if left to burn it could burn a hole in your rug but by taking action and stepping on it, it will cause little damage.

Those good feeling thoughts like appreciation, gratitude bring out the innate feeling of the love vibration and you will feel like you have taken the best potion in the world.

You will sleep better

have more new ideas

a really fun day

You will begin to enjoy the vibration of unconditional love


Want more?

Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at University of California at Davis, in an article on the Internet said:

 Gratitude is an attitude, not a feeling that can be easily willed.

” Even if you are not satisfied with your life as it is today, he pointed out, “If you go through grateful motions, the emotion of gratitude should be triggered. It is like improving your posture and as a result becoming more energetic and self-confidence.”

Dr. Emmons added: “Attitude change often follows behavior change. By living the gratitude that we do not necessarily feel, we can begin to feel that gratitude that we live.”

Smiling, saying “thank you,” sending thank-you notes, and making gratitude visits are attitude boosters.

Gratitude benefits

Grateful people are found to be generally happier, with more social connections and fewer bouts of depression.

Children as well as adults benefit from gratitude. Jeffrey J. Froh, Psy.D., assistant professor of psychology at Hofstra University, in Hempstead, N.Y., says his findings indicate that grateful children do better in school, have fewer headaches and stomach aches, get better test scores and may be more community minded.

Scientific observation

Dr. Emmons suggests an interesting scientific observation for you to develop the gratitude attitude

 The basket method

Find a place in your home to turn a table into a gratitude desk. 

  • Fill a basket with stationary, note cards, and even birthday cards.
  • Make certain to have at least two working pens in the basket.
  • Add at least one book of stamps.
  • Buy a journal in which you make a note to yourself of someone who deserves a thank you note and date it. When you send out that note, add that date as well. What you will often see is that too much time elapses from the day in which you said to yourself “I should write that person a note” and the day you actually get to write it, stamp it, and get it into the mail. And “No” email does not have the same power. 

As you begin writing to others, you will feel your smile return.  That heaviness in your heart will begin to dissipate. When that happens, write to the love in your life and speak from your heart.

Want More?

I am opening an etsy shop soon and will have some real love potions that are guaranteed to not really work but may be fun to buy.

The potions take inspiration from

Weasleys’Wizard Wheezes

  • Cupid Crystals
  •  Kissing Concoction
  • Beguiling Bubbles 
  •  Twilight Moonbeams, 
  • each with its own unique effect. 

Also you can buy one bird that chirps too much


In Summary: 

I will conclude with Harry Potter’s Wiki that describes 


Love is a deep, powerful, and ineffable emotion of attachment to, and affection for, another being or beings.

It gives those who experience it the ability to do very great things. Someone full of hate (such as Tom Riddle) who has never known it even once in their entire life, cannot understand love’s full magical properties.

Love is one of the hardest and strongest kinds of magic and as such, there is a room devoted to the study of it in the Department of Mysteries.

Love is also quite possibly the most mysterious branch of magic and is extremely difficult to comprehend.


Love is where you came from and love is where you will return.