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Celebration of Peri10K 4 month Anniversary

Moment of Decision

There have been times in my past when my future path lights up so bright I can’t miss the signal to make a course correction.

What does a course correction look like?

  • Feels like the angles are tapping you on your shoulder, turn here not there, 
  • Your muse whispers in your ear, talk to that person; go to the grocery store now
  •  Can’t hear anything? Don’t worry the call will get louder if your course correction is needed.
  • Your personality will get ahold of you somehow to get you to take the next most evolved step.

Good Advice

The best way to walk the path of least resistance is to keep your personality happy. Otherwise your personality will say ok I am going to get louder.

In my life story, this happen to me when I was at point dissatisfaction with my hand painted apparel line. Too much work, too many employees, not enough time, struggle, struggle,

My dominate thought during that time was struggle, struggle struggle and YES it got louder…my personality was saying change, make adjustments, seek a new path and bam…kabam the new path came…my studio burned down…instant path change.

You don’t have to have this kind of course correction and I am going to explain why 

Today I am not so dramatic as to burn everything I don’t want up because…my ears perk up when the path lights up in front of me.

Are you being called to make a course correction?

Are you experiencing?


Looking for more meaning in life

Experiencing chance coincidences

Strange occurrences that feel like they were meant to happen

These are actually synchronistic events, and following them will start you on your path to spiritual truth.

In my opinion we are at a time when we are dissatisfied by any knowledge other than our own experimental knowledge.  

This is a renaissance of thought that is changing our world one person at a time.

We have been restless and were now ready for another fundamental shift in thinking that would eventually bring about a better world and the good news is that time is now.




Have you ever read the book: The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield that was published about 23 year ago.

This book explained many things to me at the time it came out in 1993, I was deep into study of ancient eastern traditions when I first read the book and the message opened the possibility that the individual connects with the Divine, (higher part of oneself, the muse, the angles) by taking a journey to understand nine very important insights.

This book is a parable of adventure that explained to me what was happening in my world.

In the book the main character begins to notice instances of synchronicity that leads to results and meaningful experiences.

The historian in the book explains how the world is currently undergoing an enormous shift in consciousness.

In my opinion right now we are at a time when we are dissatisfied by any knowledge other than our own experimental knowledge.  This is a renaissance of thought.

We are shifting from a slow evolution to a speeded up evolution and are seeing a change in spiritual evolvement and market economy.  Yes we are at a time of getting paid for what we know and to share that knowledge to others not just trading our time and energy for dollars for hours.

As James Redfield says in his book Celestine Prophecy:

” Technology will do most of our work for us. As we begin to value spiritual insight more and more, we will pay those who bring it to us, and this will eventually replace the market economy and our need for paid employment. We can connect to God’s energy in such a way that we will eventually become beings of light, and walk straight  “Holding the Vision” 

Note: This is another book James Redfield published in 1996 called The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision(1996)

I feel we are at that threshold right now and I had that feeling

When my fingers spread out crossed my keyboard and I felt the inspiration to load the periscope app.  I had all those feelings of things are about to change; I am going into a course correction.

What happen next was amazing?

  • I discovered new friends
  • Like minded people
  • Seeing the world through others eyes
  • Opportunity to get paid for what I know not what I do
  • Wonderful collaborative groups like Peri10K where through collaboration dreams can come true.
  • Inspiration to create great content for shearAthons on peri10K

In conclusion Periscope and peri10k has opened a new undiscovered world to me where I am actively participating in a different way of living my day-to-day existence.

 I on learning new things from the scopers on periscope.

As a speaker for Peri10K, I put my energy and focus on creating my own unique perspective on the different themes peri10k suggests each day on the Peri10K shearathon.