Creative Artist of the Universe

If I Had Super Powers, I Would Have…..

Hold on Peri10K city, Super Woman has arrived to save the day. Her super power is…. Creative Artist of the Universe.

I love that title first time I heard it from a very wise man in our group, Marvin Leblanc. He gave me that title on one of his periscope and I have loved calling my self ” the creative artist of the universe” ever sense that moment.

When The Peri10k came up with this topic, I thought oh boy! This is going to be fun. I get to play with the super hero’s.

I used to think of my self as having super powers. On the bus ride to school I could see myself dancing along the telephone wires all the way to the school.

As I got older I saw myself as Super Woman. It felt good to believe I had super powers.

  • I could lift myself out of being myself
  • See myself in a new light
  • push a little higher
  •  overcoming challenges in my daily life.

The mind is a powerful thing and it is fun to imagine and create a world. I guess that is why we are born with such a big brain we have to be carried around until our bodies can support it’s weight.

There isn’t any judgment here its fascinating to think of being a superhero and being around superhero’s.

I love marinating with these topics that peri10K suggests we speak about in the Shareathon.

It really does make me feel like a superhero as my mind comes up with ideas around the topic.

a little girl plays superhero

When I took the Question of “if you had Super Powers to my art classes, they turned to me with shining eyes and enthusiastic answered:

  1. Healing people in danger
  2. Transform into an animal so I could help them from becoming extinct and to have fun
  3. Bring people back to life
  4. Control water so that people would have enough to drink
  5. Hear other people’s conversations
  6. Mind control so that I could make my parents do things like take me to a movie
  7. Turn anything into food
  8. Become invisible and time travel to save lives
  9. Unlimited wishes for the convenience of getting what I want
  10. Be a GPS so I could find my enemies
  11. Be the elements so I could fix things
  12. Electricity so that I could stop robbers
  13. Breathe under water so could see what it is like to live in the water
  14. Make my fingers into pastels
  15. Power to create living things

I marveled at the class’s willingness to answered the question “What super Power would you have?” and their original and creative answers. They never stop amazing me with their way of seeing the world.

Now the moment of truth, What Super Power would I have?

My answer came from a longer process of thought not like the fast spontaneous answers of the  bright artists.

I would think of the super power I would choose and then think of how I would carry out my life from that choice.

If I choose healing people in danger, how would I know there wasn’t a bigger plan at work here? Wouldn’t I be playing God? And God has a big job. Would I really want to have that responsibility?

If I choose control water, how would I know who should have water and how much water and again isn’t there a better controller at work here.

If I choose hear other’s conversations, I would be in overwhelm. I often choose to block out other’s conversations now and imagine the chaos if I could hear everyone’s thoughts.

After a lot of deep thinking through to choosing the super power and the results of having selected that power I came up with this answer

The Super Power I  would choose is:

To Enjoy

Retro image of sunburst over a sunflower with a hand reaching forwards to touch it in a conceptual image of nature, agriculture and natural beauty.

I trust that there is a super power that hold the bigger picture for me and always has my back helping me choose the path of least resistance.

As an enjoyer

  • I don’t have to make anything happen
  • I don’t have to fix things
  • I don’t have to struggle to fit into anyone’s shoes
  • get to create my universe, my way

6 reasons why thinking you have super powers will help you

  1. Shift you out of yourself
  2. Let you see yourself in a new light
  3. Allow yourself to lift higher
  4. Ignites the imagination of believing
  5. Allows Creativity to flow
  6. Allows momentum

In conclusion, have fun with the idea of what Super Power you might choose, you may discover parts of you that are new, or find new momentum toward creating more of what you want in life and less of what you don’t want in life.