You Are The Writer Of Your Own Story written on desert road


Learn how to tell your story as if you are standing in front of the gates to greatness and you have to compress your time line down to 10 minuets. Beyond the gates you can see your most fantastic dreams being played out you just have to tell the story.

The topic for this blog post is how to tell your story in 10 minuets. One of the first questions you may be asking is where do I began?

Here are tips

  • Look for themes that are meaningful to you
  • Look for ways to give the listener insights as to how you view yourself
  • Narrow down the main themes of your life to one or two
  • Stick with who you are today
  • Look for events that show who you are today.

Try this

  • Ask people for 3 adjectives that describe you today and then work backward to events that shaped that view of you.
  • Name the 4 most influential people in your life and then look at how that shaped your view of the world
  • What was your greatest struggle and how did the struggle shape your outlook today.
  • What do you want most deeply?

Since I wrote the “try this” ideas I decided to do one of the suggestions my self. I spontaneous asked my yoga teacher to name three adjectives that described me. She said, creative, fun, and inspirational.

I then went back in my timeline and found several light-bulb moments as I explored these traits. I found out that the creative came from a time when my grandmother and my mother made a large artist pad out of butcher’s paper and then encouraged me to create art.

The “fun” adjective was more difficult. Although I had good parents I wouldn’t describe them as fun. I married my first husband because he made me laugh. And then it came to me, because I didn’t have fun in my life I went out of my way to seek out fun! And that search is still on. I love to laugh and see the positive of life.

Inspiration was the last adjective and I have been blessed to have been influenced greatly parents who had faith in God. And I have came into contact with many spiritual individuals who installed the love of the divine and a deep curiosity about what makes the world go round.

In summary, I encourage you to try some of the tools and tips in this blog post and write your own story in 10 minuets.  You will be amazed at the results.

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