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Are you looking at creating funding for your project? A project that has many moving parts and you are confused about how you are going to pull it all together much less get the funds to fund it. Read this blog post and find out “How to get funding for your project”.

My point of view on this topic is influenced by what I know about attracting the right atmosphere in the first place. The farmer plows his field so that it is ready for the seeds that will grow into a great harvest.

Watch the way you are thinking about your project. If you are thinking struggle, replace that thought with I am in the process of overcoming obstacles to getting funding and am excited about all the new ideas that are coming into my mind

Open you mind to upside down thinking. In art when an artist is getting frustrated at his painting because he can’t figure out what he is doing wrong, he turns it upside down. And this frees up the mind enough to spot the problem that he can then fix. Similarly try looking at your ideas on funding. Are you just looking at one way of getting funding? Do a brain dump and put down all the ways funding could come to you?

In my hometown just an event like I was describing above happened. The town wanted to expand but they had many moving parts in that various interest groups were complaining and no good solid plans could succeed without someone getting angry and hostile. The big picture of prosperity, and success for everyone in our town was lost under the heartfelt but destructive voice of the citizens.

The plan

The town put out flyers and emails to everyone in the plan to come to a meeting to future vision for our town. It was well attended as all were very curious what this was all about. Our mayor introduced the 5 members of the visionary planning team. The main speaker of the team told us all the wonderful things that can be accomplished when a small number of people agree on a plan in the visionary stage. Then he did a curious thing, instead of asking each of us to voice an opinion he had us divide into 5 groups. According to our interests. The groups were real estate, arts, local business, concerned citizen, and family. Each group with the assistance of a vision planning team member put down what they would like to see in the town if money, and recourses were not a problem. The energy in the room-exploded smiles, laughing was heard all over the room. Next the planning team gathered all the white sheets of paper and said meet come to another meeting next week and we will show you what you all want for your town.

The next week the plan was revealed. It was fantastic the people of our town had created a beautiful future vision.

A town square

Green buildings

Shops on the main street with apartments above

A path under the dike leading to a developed park where people could hike along the Columbia River.

Sculpture and art works reflecting the historic nature of the area

BUT! You might be thinking, this is about getting funding not about some vision? Don’t jump to conclusions here. This is what happened. A man who lived in our town heard about the vision and wanted to fund it. Yes fund the whole vision not just parts. The vision of people coming together to plan a positive outcome to the expansion of their town got its funding and every thing plus more on the vision came true.

Today people describe this town as beautiful where you can enjoy hiking, windsailing, views of the Columbia Gorge, and a beautiful down town area.

In conclusion if you want funding for your project. Get the vision first. Call together the diverse components that might be standing in your way whether people, or j your personal thoughts and then be aware when new ideas come and trust that they will come.