How to find your purpose

Do you need to be a Sherlock Holmes to find your purpose?

Many self-help books say you should do this and that to find your true purpose.

How to find your purpose is easy. You never lost it in the first place.

I remember when I was 28 I was studying to be a counselor and I said in a group therapy session, I was looking for my purpose and the leader said what makes you think you lost it? That got me thinking it really isn’t about finding but more about discovering what I was made up of and then sharing that with my self and others. That day started a lifetime of loving to discover everything about humanity and myself in general. We are a curious lot with many beliefs about humanity’s purpose. Everyone has their beliefs, and superstitions about what their purpose is suppose to be. We have strived since ancient times to figure out the great mystery.

I personally believe that in the act of discovering ones purpose we get to enjoy our humanness. We are capable of seeing and creating beauty. We are capable of deep emotions of consciousness for others and our planet. In discovery of purpose humans have accomplished advancements that are beyond our wildest dreams. Each moment when we discover a new flower and smell its fragrance our purpose is fulfilled. When we celebrate a new advancement in technology, medicine and science our purpose is fulfilled.

I feel our purpose is to walk are personal path of discovery with a sense of wonder celebrating and feeling joy at what ever crosses our path. Does that mean we will only experience joy? No of course not but you can always find your way back to your only purpose which is joy.

I love  this quote and think it sums it all up.  I found the quote on the Internet when I goggled “what is humanity’s purpose

“There is no need to worry. Jesus tells us not to worry and says, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” Of course we can’t. Therefore, worrying about trivial things or anything else is useless. “

To sum it all up in classic Sherlock Homes style

My dear Watson (John Watson was Sherlock Homes partner in investigating crime) you don’t  need a Sherlock Holmes hat to find your purpose just walk out of your door and remember that if you keep looking for your purpose you will never find it but what you will find is a whole world of wonder and joy just waiting for you to discover.