Learn how to clone yourself.

Clone your yourself

Put your energy to work for you

Think about what it would be like to have a clone?

This blog post is about how to get more out of your 24-hour day by getting in resonance with the expanded energies of the universe and in resonance with everyone we are in relationship.

You come in contact with many people every day. You wake up, go to work, pet your dog or cat and all these contacts react to you by the way you are feeling or how you are in resonance with them.

Resonance can be explained by this example. It is like when you have crystal glasses positioned on a table and you ring one with your finger and a sound vibration starts and then another glass also rings with the same resonance even though you have not physically touched it. Take note that each glass will have a slightly different sound according to its position or thickness but all will ring with a resonance. The fantastic thing is that the sound will go on and on because of the atmosphere.

Think now of yourself, if you are in resonance with high vibrating people you will be creating a great atmosphere for successful solutions and creations.

Think about every thought, and every idea that you have ever thought is out there in the atmosphere floating around in a cluster of resonance waiting to attach it to your thoughts.

How to get hooked up to the right cluster

  • Keep up the good positive thoughts
  • Think of doing creative acts in the arts
  • Play with children
  • Laugh at life situations

If you are thinking thoughts of fun, creativity, feeing exhilaration you will attract and resonate with other thought clusters that add to these same emotional feelings.

You might go to an event and find the exact person you need to meet that will help you with your next step. Or you will walk into a bookstore and find the exact match to your vibration that will help you take an important action step to bring you closer to what you have been wanting.

. When these things happen you will feel another match exhilaration flowing through your body. And who doesn’t like this feeling?

We buy all kind of products that promise to give you this feeling.

Kids love to ride on the rides that give them this feeling.

But no matter how you get to the higher vibrating feelings the important thing is that you get up there in the upper end of the scale all the time. And if life causes you to take a dip observe it briefly and then lift your emotional set point and you will experience great results.

Life Changing Results

In conclusion, when you live your life in resonance with high vibrations like happiness, exhilaration, and freedom you will be living like there are clones of you. Everywhere you go there will be those that will point you to the next most valuable step.