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 How to be Successful in Business

Are you someone who has tried to make a go in your Internet business but nothing seems to work and you are ready to throw up your hand in frustration.

This blog post will be refreshing to you because it takes a different approach to business. This approach uses the idea of gently flowing downstream instead of paddling frantically upstream. Said another way do you want the hard way or the easy way?

Learn about a game changer “the vibrational business plan”

My Law of Attraction mentor, Michael Losier, first introduced me to this method. I met Michael for the first time when I flew to Memphis, Tennessee to take his Certification course to become a law of attraction trainer. How I got to Memphis with no money is another story that I will blog about later.

This is a plan that you can use for your business or areas of your life where you want BIG breakthroughs. I am amazed at what has happen to others and me as they use this plan.

Ask your self what am I focused on in my business? You will know this by looking at what is currently showing up. Do you have clients that continually cancel or do you have a negative balance in your bank account?

If you are wondering why this is happening you can look at one of the oldest law of the universe the law of attraction that states “I attract what I focus my attention and energy on whether negative or positive.

If you want different results you need to shift your focus attention and energy.

Your thoughts are made up of words that lead to your feelings, which lead to actions and results. So if you are thinking about customers that don’t pay on time you are probably getting customers that have trouble paying you for your services. If you thoughts are focused on how grateful you are for your customers and other emotional issues in your life, you probably having an easier time with your clients and other areas in your life.

To summarize

The first step to success is to change your thoughts to reflect the same emotional set point of what you want. If you want more clients, start celebrating the ones you currently have. Celebration is a way of raising your vibration.

Be aware that the law of attraction doesn’t care if you are pretending or actually experiencing success in your business. The law of attraction has a two-word job description, “MATCH VIBRATION”. In short, watch your words, thoughts and vibration because that could make or break you business success.