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 How My Greatest Challenge Became my Greatest Asset

When I see the word CHALLENGE  my heart starts to beat a little faster and

something deep inside says “you can do this”!

Since the beginning of time humanity has faced challenges. Deep in are DNA I feel there must be the urge to explore beyond our present capabilities. This inner call to meet the demands of the challenge has brought us many advancements. I encourage you to think of more as these are awesome times we live in and the more we celebrate how far we have come the further we will go in the future.

The challenge to humanity has brought about many advancements. I list 4 here but encourage you to think of more because the more we concentrate our consciousness on the good the more good will be in our future.

4 advancements to celebrate

Personal development, man can run faster and live longer than ever before.

Technology You can carry the world news around on your wrist with the new apple watches and cars that drive themselves.

The Arts you can expand your love of creating art today without being one of great talent and training with art journaling, and internet programs like periscope, and you tube.

The Mind you now have the ability to prove to yourself how your mind works.  Although scientific and psychological studies are helpful you do not have to depend on others to tell you how to think and act. Enlightenment is available for the common man. Enlightenment is being experienced in the mass consciousness and can be experienced by observing and participating in common uplifting thoughts in groups like facebook, Googleplus, and the latest, which I love Periscope

How does a challenge really work on your brain?

Is a question I have asked myself because

I love a challenge. I am currently involved in the following challenges:

#Peri10k: Inspirational Content Through Collaboration on periscope

#artchallenge a community of like minded people where artists and non-artists can come together and share work each week on a common theme.

#art year book the act of creating art can be a gateway into healing and personal growth

#Blog Become a better stronger blogger with this challenge

#posting on social media Posting daily for the art school where I teach art

I have found that by participating in challenges I find myself discovering new parts of myself that surprise and delight myself. When you experience a challenge you will experience new systems developing that will act as stepping stones to your next most evolved step on your life path.

In conclusionto answer the topic question “How my greatest challenge became my greatest asset” I give you this answer:

My greatest asset is “tenacity”

the dictionary defines tenacity as the quality or fact of being very determined it is a great quality or asset to have when you are on a quest to finish something that takes a while to complete.

I encourage you to find a challenge to join today and you will find that at the end of the challenge your greatest asset will reveal itself to you.

Happy challenging Everyone!