It is a great day to start something big - motivational handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee

Do you want more mojo in your motivation? But can’t seem to feel motivated enough to enjoy your day.

The topic today of this blog post is  how to get your mojo motivation on.

This morning as I was waiting for my skinny Carmel latte from my favorite coffee shop I felt happy, I had just finished a periscope talking about what I loved in life. I was in anticipation of something good…coffee. I was feeling fit as I had just finished a yoga class. Then this happened, a man came in and the barista said, “How are you” and he answered, “just getting by” and my energy slipped into judgment. As an energy practice I recognized his day was not going to get much better he was cruising in neutral or just getting by with life.

Then it hit me the problem here is not his vibration but my thoughts about his. I was cruising on good feeling thoughts and then as I observed his emotional set point of “just getting by” My thoughts took a dive into judgment. Which is a vibration of that robs the motivation mojo I had earlier.

No worries this attitude can be fixed but first lets look at why you should change your point of view from judgment.

In the Law s of the universe you get what you emotional attach yourself at the moment. It is logical to change the motivation or flow to what will serve you in a positive way.

“If you stop focusing on other people’s life youll have more time to fix your own”Quote by Sonya Parker

How to change your flow

Be aware what you are thinking whether you are simply thinking or observing

Why? The laws of energy do not recognize if you are observing or just thinking. The law of attraction has a one page job description “match energy”

Use new thoughts to shift your vibration from judgment to a higher emotional vibration like love, joy, and freedom

Try out these new thoughts when you feel you are slipping into the motivation to judge

Appreciation: a round of appreciation always shift your thoughts, say 10 things you appreciate. Stay simple and reach for the emotional truth.

Samples of appreciation

  1. I appreciate the rain
  2. I appreciate that I have good water
  3. I appreciate that my legs carry me where I want to go
  4. I appreciate how the laws of the universe teach me how to shift my energy from lack to freedom
  5. I appreciate safety rules
  6. I appreciate a safe universe
  7. I appreciate how my car gets to me where I want to go
  8. I appreciate how things always work out for me
  9. I appreciate a good latte
  10. I appreciate the time to drink a good latte

In conclusion

Learning how to orchestrate your day so that you get more of the good and less of the bad or less of running along in neutral is well worth the time spent. The more you practice being aware of your thoughts and emotions and your ability to create your daily life to conform to what you want. Simply said when you take 100% responsibility for what you are creating the better your life will become. You cannot go back to old ways of thought once you have become aware of what you are creating because it is always staring you in the face.

“I really believe in the philosophy that you create your own universe.  I’m just trying to create a good one for my self” Jim Carrey