Get in The Vicinity to Get The Good Stuff

Are you hanging out in places where you get the feeling that you are always doing the wrong thing?

If this is you it is time you get in the vicinity of the “A” Crowd. The “A” Crowd hangs out where the positive flows freely and abundantly.

Look around you and observe where you are right now. What are you thinking? What are you attracting into your life?

Your point of perspective is the answer to these questions.

If you don’t like what you see here are some tools and tips to help you change your point of perspective from more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want.


10 tips to get you in the vicinity of the “A” Crowd.

  1. Watch your words, they have power. Get used to thinking and talking with positive uplifting words
  2. Use the affirmation I Am Attractable
  3. Prepaving what you want your day to look like by making up a script
  4. Celebrate everything even the small insignificant things, is a practice of the frequencies and (opens receiving valves)
  5. Stay in the Vicinity of people and places that have good vibes
  6. Umbrella Words like happiness, clarity, success, and freedom
  7. Only keep track of what is in your backpack that means your only responsibility is what you create. Others have their own backpack and you as a deliberate creator need to stay out of their backpacks
  8. Remember you will have resistance and limited beliefs. The trick is to only observe them briefly and then get on your way to solutions and a better point of perspective.
  9. Eliminate the words BUT/Because. If you do use these words know that the next sentence is your limiting belief.
  10. Remember a feeling is a manifestation and your guidance system. Become aware of what you are feeling.

In conclusion, you can change your life by becoming more aware of your point of perspective. Through awareness and practice you cannot only have a fine life but the life of your dreams.