The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Typography poster. Motivational Background

“Do What you Love and Wealth Will Come”

“You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.  You’re on your own, and you know what you know, and you are the guy who’ll decide where to go. ” Dr. Seuss

Did you know According to a recent Gallup Survey, 70% of employed Americans either hate their jobs or are simply checked out of their work mentally.

Did you also know you have the ability to quickly change your patterns of thought, and eventually… your life experience.

When I was working for the state of Oregon as an employment specialist I had a light bulb moment when one day I was listing on a black board all the jobs I have held. Looking down the list I realized that I really didn’t like any of those jobs and that included my current one. I was one of the 70% employed Americans who was not satisfied with their jobs.

Sometimes the reality of a situation smacks you in the face like the one I had when listing all the jobs I have had and sometimes reality can keep you from improving your situation.

There is no condition that cannot achieve an improved condition as quickly as your own patterns of thoughts.

The Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts not to your current reality. When you change the thought your reality must follow. If things are happening that don’t feel good find a way of taking your attention away from unwanted things.

5 Tips to help you move toward what you want

  1. Take 15 min daily thinking of pleasant scenarios regarding your work.
  2. Appreciate any strength you observe yourself having.
  3. Give up feelings of not being worthy
  4. Find ways to be satisfied and happy with your current condition
  5. Develop an expectancy that good things are coming to you


Note than when you visualize on the positive you become more powerful than when you visualize on things you need to overcome.

After practicing this kind of thought reprograming your current condition at work will acquiesce to your dominant thoughts.

Tell the story, as you want to live it not as you currently observe it and cooperative components will start to come into your life experience.

This way of working with the universal energies will be a journey of wonder I can promise you that.

MY Story

I would like to share a story of cooperative components coming together to get me to get me on a new path without having the resources and money to assist me

I had a strong desire to learn more about The Law of Attraction. I wanted to get certified to teach The Law of Attraction and  learn more about the law so that I could use it more effectively in my own life. I had a strong desire!

I had just started my Life Coaching business and realized I needed to start a bank account for my new business. I went to the local bank and proceeded to open a bank account. The Banker after looking up my name said, Sandra you have an old account with us do you want to use that one.

I was surprised and of course delighted thinking secretly, I am getting real good at this law of attraction stuff already. I am so abundant money is coming to me in unusual and surprising ways.  I then asked the banker if it had any money in the account and he said yes, it has $1200 in it.

I was beyond thrilled. $1200 was the exact amount I needed to pay for my certification class with Michael Losier to get certified in The Law of Attraction. I left the bank with high expectation of how great I was at creating money.

I  signed up for the course on becoming certified in Law of Attraction in Memphis, Tennessee, and also found out I had airline miles coming so all I had to pay for was my hotel. Everything was in motion for me to go to this course and I felt great.

Later however when I went to draw out the money the bank said it was not there? Confused I said how is that so, last week you said $1200 was there. Upon checking they said my daughter Chelsea had drawn out the money. She is on your account. Then it all hit me. We had opened this account together when she left for college and she had continued to use the account. The $1200 was hers!

As I left the bank I was deep in thought, I hadn’t really manifested the money to take the course in Memphis, Tennessee but I was all set to go. I had the airline tickets. I had my seat at the course confirmed. I had requested the time off. I had put the course fee on a credit card.

All the cooperative components had come together to get me to this course. True it didn’t look like I had first thought but…..

I had gone for what I loved and the wealth had shown up in a mysterious way.

Today I am certified in Law of Attraction and coaching clients on how to get more abundance in their lives.

In conclusion, your reality many not look exactly as you think it should but trust that your source energy always has your back and is working to get you in the place of abundance.