Young pretty businesswoman holding paint brush. Creativity concept

Creativity the 7th Sense?


First lets start with the 6th sense, this may be a surprise as most authorities say there is only 5 recognized senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. But lately I have been reading about many neurologists have identified nine or more senses and some list as many as 21. So by the same token you could add at least one more to the list, creativity.


One reason people are not comfortable with expanding this creativity sense, as they are afraid of the consequence of imagination. It is easier to control yourself and groups of people if you don’t let creativity ripple out into your current reality. You can see this in our commercials on TV and radio. Not that this is bad but definitely a way to sell more things to more people. We need the energy of money and products to live and produce those things that you want.


But lets imagine for a minuet what if imagination was taught in schools, would technology be further along than today? What if parents teach a creative approach to learning at home so that instead of children adopting the likes and dislikes of parents they will see a more expanded view of the possible.


Let’s now take a moment to explore the nature of creativity.

  • Creativity comes in a way that makes most sense to you.
  • You feel sparked, a shift in your thinking.
  • Next you see or intuit a appearance of a hint of something out of the ordinary
  • You observe expansion in the form of association of ideas
  • Motivation is born and the creative spark starts to grow into a recognized idea or new concept.


How to be aware of the spark of creativity in you.


Watch your body feelings. Do you notice a shift to feeling of lightness when you think certain thoughts?

Notice your thoughts. Are they repeating in your mind and when thoughts seem to be repeating what is the result?

Think with intent about times of accomplishment, triumph, or any good feeling thoughts. Here are some examples.

  • A 3 year old birthday party
  • Winning a something like a bike, or a team sport
  • Hitting a baseball for the first time.
  • Meeting a special person that changed your life
  • Doing a great interview or speech

Now that you have some good feeling thoughts flowing through your mind notice how your body feels and when another creative idea comes into your mind connect the feelings to your past good feeling accomplishments and you will have experienced the momentum of creative thinking.

As a final point, you can learn to bring the sense of creativity alive in you by following some of the ideas I have given you in the above blog post. Let me know how you used these ideas in your life by making a comment below.