Portrait of a confident young businesswoman
Portrait of a confident young businesswoman

Are Entrepreneurs employable?

Out of college I went to work for Camp Fire Girl’s as a professional field director…this job started me thinking about how one could be creative in a job but in this job there were still rules, board of directors and more.

After that job I got a taste of what it was like to be an entrepreneur as I started my own business I was in partnership with another person. Together we built a nice business around selling clothes at fashion shows that we put together and makeup products. I worked a lot but there was no rules, or board of directors but there was a partner and that proved to be challenging.

Next I found myself working for the state of Oregon as an employment specialist and one day while listing the jobs I had held a light bulb moment but before I tell you about that enlighten moment, here is a list of the 17 jobs I have held:

  1. Strawberry picker
  2. Bean picker
  3. Waitress nolgren’s all oat restaurants
  4. Jolly jones restaurant
  5. Rexall drug secretary
  6. Campfire girls
  7. Entrepreneur Maryellen
  8. Survey taker
  9. Circus ticket cold call girl
  10. Beer waitress
  11. YMCA
  12. State of Oregon employment specialist
  13. Entrepreneur: hand painted apparel by Sandra Longmore
  14. Computer lab assistant
  15. Fitness Center employee
  16. Art schoolteacher
  17. Present: entrepreneur


My list of jobs held is very long but when I look back on these jobs I realize they were all preparing me for what was to come.

What was to come was always guidance to something better.

Now back to the topic Are Entrepreneurs employable?

I would say a definite yes, but it also has to be a good fit for you if you want the feeling of accomplishment and success in your job.

For me, my current employer found me. The owners of the art school where I now teach ask me to come work for them when they opened the school and I the job gave me enough free time to pursue my interest in being an entrepreneur so I have the best of both worlds…A pay check from a job I love and residual income from being an entrepreneur.

What about you? Do you want to be employed and get a regular paycheck?

The entrepreneur spirit has to find fulfillment in his job or he will feel stuck and frustrated.

Nine Tips to look for in a job for an entrepreneur

  1. Freedom to create and move around
  2. Look for opportunity to act as a consultant as an entrepreneur you have many skills
  3. Look at your job history, pick out a theme, of good feeling thoughts, and then look for jobs that match that need
  4. Think about part-time work, or being hired for projects or leading a team rather than the 8 to 5 job
  5. Know the job market is constantly changing; new job niches are coming up all the time.
  6. Instead of being interviewed by employers, be proactive and find employers to interview
  7. Do a clarity/ contrast list and read your desire statement daily
  8. Know everyone is employable and don’t give up until you find the right match for you

In conclusion, entrepreneurs are not only employable but have skills from being an entrepreneur that can be gained by only being an entrepreneur. The right match is out there and if you want to be employed and still be an entrepreneur, open your think out of the box entrepreneur mind and go on the discovery trail