100 dollar bill buried in the sand

Abundance is a feeling

Your feelings can be duplicated just like the sand dollar. This sea urchin is very popular because it looks like a coin. And it can do a remarkable thing it can clone itself into a perfect copy of itself.

Caribbean Sand Dollar

I will let that bit of trivia settle in to your mind a bit while I make my point. If YOU like the sand dollar could learn how to duplicate your feelings you would see how this law of attraction works to bring you great things into your life.

You create feelings within yourself and within others by what you say and think.

Think of an excited feeling like when you are expecting a check in the mail or expecting an income tax refund. This excitement feeling is the experience of feeling abundance. You feel abundance knowing that it’s coming even before you put the money in the bank.

You had a feeling of abundance just knowing that it’s coming. It has nothing to do with whether you have it or not. So because abundance is a feeling, and the Law of Attraction responds to feelings or vibrations think about if you could be like the sand dollar and duplicate the vibration of abundance deliberately. When you learn how to do this you will become a deliberate attractor.


Walks on the sunny side of the street while others see only rain clouds.

When feeling doubt only observes it briefly and then moves onto  the better feeling thoughts.

Practices 24/7 being aware of what he is attracting

Works his deliberate attractor muscle like an Athlet

Is deliberate about the words, thoughts, and activities he is activating

It’s a simple practice in theory the Law of Attraction is a matcher of your point of focus. So if you are focusing on the expectation of money or anything you are sending a vibration and Law of attraction is duplicating and giving you more of the same. The trick is to be on top of your game and notice what you are sending out to be duplicated.

To recap, Remember the Law of Attraction is checking at every moment what you are sending and if at that moment you are offering the vibration of abundance, it will be duplicated and bring you more of the same. That’s why it’s called the law. The more you are aware of what you are focusing upon and observe any doubts only briefly the more successful you will become to creating abundance in every area of your life.