3 Steps to Productivity
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3 Tips for a Productive Week


More hours in your day are yours today! This blog post has 3 great tips to get more productive? Do you find yourself staring off in space while the hours, then days then the whole week go by and you end up saying there goes another unproductive week.

I know you don’t feel good when this is your habit. But relax habits can be changed and it is my sense that you want to get more productive in your like.

Productivity is also a habit that you can learn to adopt. In this blog post I am going to give you 3 tips for a more productive week.

Tip#1: GoldenRule of how thoughts become reality.

Your beliefs came from somewhere and they started with words. Yes-just words like those you find in a dictionary. Then you took those words and strung them all together and the words became sentences. Next you added emotions to the mix and you next had actions that became habits. Then those habits became what you repeat day after day. No matter what you add t o the mix the formula is the same.

Your words create your thoughts that create your actions that create your results.

Ask yourself

  • What words am I saying to myself?
  • Replace my negative unproductive words with better feeling words?
  • When you notice results that are unproductive do self-inquiry
  • Change what is not working for you

Tip#2: Find Your State of Flow

In today’s world we have a lot of interruptions that disrupt our productive state of flow. The great tip for keeping a consistent flow up is setting aside some time each day specifically designed to utilize an extended uninterrupted period of “state of flow”. For me it’s in the evening with my cup of tea. I get out my planner and script my next day as I sip my tea. This way my state of flow is an enjoyable ritual.

Consistency is key here you need to keep your eye on the WHY or what is compelling you to keep going. Think about the results you are getting by prioritizing and scheduling by what is important to you to achieve.

When the gremlin shows up, ignore its whiney voice and keep going because on the other side of the obstacles the gremlin throws on your path is where your golden state of flow starts.

Tip#3: Find a planner system that works

The key to immortality doesn’t exist and either does the perfect planning system. My advice to you is creating your system like an artist and knows that it is a work in progress.

Like Snow white who tried out the different beds to find out just the right one so that she could have a comfortable sleep I have searched my way through many planners. I have spent a year with a little cute planner, another year with a medium size planner, a digital planner, and a big briefcase size planner to come to today’s planner system. Are you sitting on the edge of your seats to hear the planner system that works? It’s called the Midori Planner System

The midori

  • A system where you can add several inserts into a flexible cover that is held together by a thick rubber cord. You can easily have together everywhere and every time and use in your own way. My Midori is maxed out with 6 inserts.

My Midori

Insert one: Daily, monthly Calendar, and an custom printable for my goals, and Debrief of my week                                                                                        Opportunities (where I write items and courses) I have purchases

Insert two: My check off list (of daily accomplishments)

Insert three: My daily journal (I have prompts listed that help me journal)

Insert four: Ideas, Sparks and brain dump

Insert five: projects (list of projects and my dream game plan)

Insert six: Art Journal (art pages, sketches, doodles)


To wrap it all up these three tips will help you achieve a more productive week and life. I encourage finding time where you can get into your creative flow during your day and adopt a planning system that works for you.                                                                                  Most of all be easy on yourself and enjoy the process as life is a…… art work in progress.