Learn how to wake up happy

3 Great Tips That Will Bring You A Beautiful Morning

Are one of those people who wishes they would wake up happy and ready for a fantastic day but what usually happens is different than you want to have happen.  Does your story sound more like this.  The alarm rings , hitting the snooze you knock over your glasses and then getting up you stub your toes.  You think “this is going to be a rotten day” I should just stay in bed.

Things to avoid for better results

  • Tip #1: Lay out your clothing and items you need to do the night before.  This will prevent panic in the morning.
  • Tip #2: Simply go to bed earlier.  Try setting going to bed 30 min. earlier.  Your subconscious will get the idea that you are practicing self care.
  • Tip #3: Start a gratitude diary.  Use these 7 prompts.
  1. .  What made me feel alive
  2. 2.  What was my progress and success today
  3. 3.  What have I learned today
  4. 4.  What, if anythin1g caused me to wobble
  5. 5.  What is my new intention for tomorrow
  6. 6.  Name 4 things I appreciated this day
  7. 7.  How will I practice self-care tomorrow.

This pre-paving of your next day is important because you will already have started the ball rolling into a more positive frame of mind.