Clouds are fun to create an oil painting  but painting cloudy days with light showing through goes against my philosophy of you get what you think.

I keep thinking the energy philosophy of “all things that come to you that you do not want come as a result of your thinking thoughts”.  Many masters of energy say this in their teachings.

Well what happens to your thoughts when you are thinking of a storm that is coming in your life?

Like this painting I remember that there is always light on the other side and then I go on into what is next. It could still be a storm or a new opportunity. I can choose to see the clouds or the light peeking through.

It really takes very little to effect healing on any subject when I remember the better feeling thought of acknowledging the power of thought and then get myself moving toward the next thing which is the expectation of light coming into my life as opportunity, happiness and creativity.

I no longer am worried about the storm because I know the sunshine is always peeking through.

Oil painting is by Sandra Longmore