Your Head Cannot Stop what your heart wants


When leaving Spokane for home after spending a wonderful holiday with my daughter and her family,

my husband said,

“Did you get everything?”

And I immediately checked my pocket for my phone, and my briefcase for my computer and then thought about what else I needed for the future.  

I think you would call that using both my head and my heart to prepare for

my next thing that I want to do!

Either my head or my heart I really think they are one, said I have what is important for my next step



and the Peri10k Topic for the Sherathon

This surprised me why is the Sherathon right up there with my phone and computer in importance?

I had trouble signing up for the Sherathon as my daughter doesn’t have an Internet connection at her house and my phone wouldn’t let me sign up but finally I was successful.

I thought about this during the drive home.

Why were these  three things important things for me to remember:

My phone

My computer


Why I asked my self was it so important for me to get on the ShearAthon train? And I came up with the following answers and the answers relate to our topic today

“ Your Head Cannot Stop that your heart wants”

I have never really thought much about my head being one thing and my heart another

In the energy world the results you are currently receiving are a result of what you first think and the thoughts turn into feelings or emotions by association of ideas.

I observed this in my granddaughter, Kaiya, these past few days. As we were walking around the mall after a very long but successful build a bear experience.

I thought maybe that is how our heart and head is put together too just like the the build a bear 9 step experience. When you enter the build a bear store you go through a 9 steps to bring the bear  you choose alive in both heart and head.  

Step one: Choose me.

The child chooses the bear or other stuffed animal. Kaiya my granddaughter choose a white fluffy reindeer.

You choose just the right companion that will help you through the rough spots. Like if you want to live a good happy life you also choose the best feeling thoughts. This step uses both the mind and the heart. Mind chooses and the heart feels. Remember my choosing the three things above to help me to my next step in life: my phone, my computer, and the Peri10K Topic.

“ Your Head Cannot Stop that your heart wants”

Step two: Hear me.

During this step a red satin heart is put into the bear after you think a good feeling thought like how good cookies taste as you rub your nose with the heart and then it is put into the bear.

The important function of the heart is to pump blood through out your body wouldn’t it be useful to let your body know what you really want is and need is to be happy in a beautiful, healthy relationship with others. By pumping the emotions of happiness, success, and joy using your mind.

Step three: Stuff Me

The Buid a Bear employee talks about positive feelings the child might have as she interacts with her new bear and empowers the child to do the stuffing by showing her how to push the peddle that rushes the stuffing into bear.  As the bear becomes full of stuffing the child feels he has done this by her thoughts and actions.

Listen to The positive feeling inside yourself as a message from your heart. This is like a sign that you are on the right path and that your heart felt feelings will help you find your way. Stuff yourself with trust, and the kind of heart-centered life you want.

Step four stitch me

Now it’s up to you to expand how much you listen to you heart, and that can only happen through listening and experimenting thats how children do it. You too have got what it takes to tune into your heart intuition now so trust your own stuffing.

Step five fluff me

This is when the child soothes her bear by giving it tender loving care through a air bath and gently soothes her new born bear by brushing and soothing it after the experience of being born.

Practice your ability to soothe yourself.   Your inner voice may not always be clear, but it’s trying to tell you something. Learn how to listen to it. To start, you’ll need to temporarily drown out our rational thought processes and focus on the voice. Here are some ways that you can do this: try journaling, meditating or just telling yourself that inner critic is just plain silly.

Step six dress me

The child next picks that right outfit for her new born bear.

Now you are ready to do the right things at the right time. Intuition is only one way of knowing. But it is not necessarily better than using your head or the best way to make decisions. While you should try to listen to your heart, don’t trust it automatically. Sometimes it’s wrong. Learn to discriminate and make the best choice for you in the moment.

Step seven name me

The child now picks the right name for her Bear.

For us as adults we need to find a way that our mind and heart can work together. You can start with your values. How can your deep-seated heart values get included in your rational thought process? Do a process where you identify what your deepest values are and let them guide your rational thought. This is where a life coach or a good friend helps.

Step eight takes me home

Completely delighted with the experience of creating a living presence into the childs new stuffed bear she gets to take it home.

For us lets learn something here from the build a bear experience. Your life is a constant build a bear experience so just try to be easy on yourself make your journey fun; you are on the way to your home base and you have a new companion of a open heart and mind to help you on your way.