Instagram …fun…spontaneous…easy way of doing business

reasons why I like Instagram

1.)Instagram is spontaneous! To post and to grab the moment in a image and the image trumps words every time.

2.) Has a history: launched publicly in October 2010 and has steadily grown in membership. Instagram is tried and tested getting bigger and better all the time.

3. ) The Young Love itwhen I asked my art class what social media they preferred they all said instagram. If they like instagram you know it will get more popular by everyone else. The other day I was on the elliptical at the gym  looking through a fashion magazine that showed the dominate fashion look….for our times it showed slim jeans with well placed slits in the legs, a white blouse, and a flowing black jacket. A look right out of the teen fashion statement a few years back. It has been proven that the youth lead the way in fashion and business

4.) Image trumps it all.  This is why we go to art museums, and advertisers know this well. Even emoticons…got the picture…. I recently responded to a text from my daughter about a change in our christmas get together with a simple YES and 3 emoticons of two hands clapping, smileface, smileface with hearts for eyes and felt very confident that this was the perfect response.  RememberWords don’t teach or always convey what you want.

5. ) Brings your audience closer to you and your message.  Photos bring your audience into your world so intimately that they actually start to believe they are a part of it. think about how you skim text.  Do you read or just skim and look at the photos.  On instagram the entire feed is photos so you are showing a dominate feed of just photos that is very appealing to the general viewer.

6.) Showing your authentic self. People Want to know who you are and photos are a great way to do this. Photos are a great way to show who you are behind your business. Spontaneous photos say so much more about you and your business and are more effective.

Fabian and his youngest child sticking their tongue out.

How I am going to do more for my art school and my personal brand.

7. )A new market friendly attitude.  You can get in front of your audience overtime. Unlike facebook that has a way of only showing your posts to certain people. There isn’t a edgerrank in instatangram. You can see every photo of every person you follow…just got to scrowl down . So no worries about which posts get the most view…they all show up 100% in your feed and You can even do a short video.

 8.) Drive Traffic to Your Site. On Instagram, you can post a link to your site in the comments and share on twitter, Facebook, timber, flickr

9. Instagram is for all kinds of business.  You can share many unique features about your business with photos.  In a fun and authentic way.  Photos of team working, travel, office personnel having fun while working are just some ways of how you can highlight your special business culture.  The options are really limitless.

10. ) People say it’s their favorite site because it’s fun! You can have fun while highlighting your business culture, or sharing your personal life.  Many people I have talked to say it’s their favorite site even though they don’t publish regularly.

In Conclusion, Instagram is a social media platform that is fun and effective for building your business, adding followers, and showing off the  authentic side of your business or personal life style.