My thoughts about Black Friday. Peri10K collaborative mastermind did a shearathon about feelings on Black Friday.  There were 10 speakers and this is my part of the shearathon from the perspective of thinking about black friday as a vibe.

I also had done a blog post about black friday in 2012 so included it here:  So much fun to share content with you all!


Black Friday

“Are you going to black friday?”

 “Are you going to black friday?  

“Are you going to black friday?

The question vibrated around the young students in my art class. Students using  all the rage words to shed light on this monumental, mighty event.. Black friday had arrived in the minds of the young.

an event of excitement

a groovy thing

 exuberantly worthy

Advertising everywhere wore a enormous profitable smile they had tapped into mother load, the goose that laid the golden eggs, the subconscious of the young.  a new and welcome target market.

Our minds are remarkable and pliable.  We too can made our lives an event, an happening, of what ever we choose it just takes a conscious raising  advertising campaign.

You don’t have to hire an advertising guru.  Put your motivation on high gear with support for change.  Useful ways to find this support is to search the internet for daily motivation.

Try a mastermind group, turn off the news, specially the channel that runs news 24hours a day. Be ruthless and rid yourself of negative stuff and negative friends.    Wait! you say,  I love some of these friends and am married to another. I don’t want to give up on them.   Never fear! You can still do it!!  I did it!  I don’t believe in a disposable society. It is well worth the effort to maintain relationships. Work harder  put yourself in high gear and shift, shift yourself and your relationships  will entrain to your new enlightened way of looking at life and you too can join the exuberance of the young and passionately say to all your relations,Hey! are you going to think great positive thoughts today?  Are you going to learn something new about yourself today?Are you going to love every moment of this day? Lets call it this day the  Red Letter day of life.

Are you going to the red letter day today?

Black Friday was on my mind as I took inspiration and switched it to a Red Letter Day for the self motivated.