vector glass button with symbol of smiling face

 Happiness Is a Choice

I was going through a divorce in the late 60’s and found a love that I still pursue today.

I was in partnership with another woman and we  put on fashion shows. We got a commission on the clothes we sold and accessorized the clothing with our jewelry line.

Every week we would go to a jewelry wholesaler and pick out items that we thought would look good with the clothes. On one of these trips I saw him, the one I still love today… the smiley face and I immediately fell in love. Many people today love what I saw that day it is what you call  the smiley face emoticon and was just  making his appearance on jewelry, cups and tee shirts in the late 60’s. We immediately bought a dozen of these smiley faces that hung from a gold chain and He proved to be one of our best sellers and my constant companion. Today I draw his smiley face on notes I give to people and am a constant companion to his message, which is happiness.

Happiness is a feeling that is a choice and why should you choose happiness because it is at the upper end of the emotional scale. Along with freedom, and joy.

These states of being are great to hang out with because just being in the vicinity of happiness; freedom in joy brings you the good stuff of life.

If you seek happiness first and foremost and let everything else be secondary you will find that people, places, and things will began to flow effortlessly into your experience. The best way to get to be and have what you want come to you is to make happiness and joy your dominant intent.

Your true nature is joy and happiness. When you feel anxious or suffering of any kind it is because you have forgot your true nature.

You cannot base your state of being on any conditions like I will be happy when I meet the man of my dreams, or I will be happy when I make a 6-figure income. Happiness is who you are and the conditions are just extra perks to your happiness.

Happiness vs. unhappiness and your attract ability

Think about what kind of a man you will attract when you are in a state of happiness. What will he be like?

He will more than likely be upbeat and have good attributes.

Then think of the kind of man you will attract when you are in a state of unhappiness. He will more than likely be needy and have many conditions to complain about.

Now choose which man and life you would like to have.

You cannot get to happiness by asking others to be different. You cannot control your partner, children or the world to conform to your way of thinking and the funny part the big joke is that you are the one with the potential to feel good. You are the only one who creates your reality. You cannot control any one or anything and still be in a state of happiness. It is just an impossible task.

Happiness is a similar to unconditional love

 although certain conditions can lift your spirits like the weather, or a baby’s smile, happiness is not dependent on persons, places, or things. Happiness is a similar to unconditional love. It is a state of being that you can learn to achieve through practice, meditation and mindful awareness of your thought process.

Four Helpful tips

  1. Trust that happiness is your true nature and is always available to you
  2. Know that happiness can be yours through practice
  3. Practice noticing when and how you shift your mood toward happiness
  4. If you are unhappy soothe yourself by thinking general about happiness

General words I use to soothe myself into happiness

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if…….
  • I like seeing……
  • I like feeling……

In conclusion, happiness is a choice and I am blessed this day to be able to say I live in a universe and in a country where choice is available to me.