You came into the world with wonder and with a fascination of discovery. Do you remember yourself as a 2 year old when you kept thinking….

 “What’s on top of that table that people always seem to be doing things on” and soon you found a way to get yourself to the top of the table and found out for yourself.

Baby Chef Dinner

Well imagine yourself today on top of a similar tabletop with that sense of wonder and fascination of discovery about your emotions. More specifically lets take a look at the emotion of fear.

Diagram of emotions

All emotions came with you at birth. Emotions are your guidance system. Did you ever find yourself driving down the road listening to your GPS system tell you where an address is located and you felt a feeling of being anxious but not worried because you knew you had done your homework. You had a general idea where you were going and you had the GPS that would allow you to get to where you wanted to go taking the best route possible.

Going back to the topic of “Feel the Fear and do it anyway”,

How does fear serve us anyway?

  1. Keeps us safe
  2. Lets us know we are on the edge of something new
  3. Alerts us to choice

When the ShearAthone on periscope came up with this topic I let the topic ripple through my consciousness and this story came to my mind when I felt the fear and did it anyway and the results that I experienced from that choice.

The story takes place in Yosemite state park California 32 years ago. My husband, and 3-year-old daughter were visiting this beautiful park with its natural wonders and wildlife. This was my first camping trip with my new husband of 4 years and I was apprehensive and feeling anxious. I had heard many tales of animal attacking humans in Yosemite. I could hear my mother’s voice reading from the morning paper about such occurrences in this very state park. I found my self in a state of panic and fear. My heart was pounding so hard and then my daughter said “mommy I have to go to the bathroom”. By then I could see bears behind every tree just waiting for us to pass by on the way to the bathroom. I was so afraid I could hardly speak when I turned to my husband and said will you walk us to the bathroom?

He looked at me in astonishment, and said “Why”? I explained to him that a bear might attack us. This way of thinking amazed my husband. Are you kidding he said look around  there are trailers every few feet and lights all over the place. There isn’t any bear that would attack you. 

So Yes with my heart thumping so loud it felt like it was going to explode I walked on with a big flashlight in my one hand, and carrying my young daughter in my arms I was so scared but“felt the fear and did it anyway” and as I walked on I discovered the truth about my fear.  There was nothing to fear.  It was my thinking that was making me afraid.  I amazed myself by this discovery about my own belief that bears were going to get me. It was all a story I kept telling my self.

On the way back to the tent I was a changed woman, the flashlight was turned off and my daughter and I happily skipped our way to the tent.

In Conclusion, You may have unexamined fears that might be keeping you from living in the world of wonder and a fascination of discovery and when you go through or examine that fear you may find a surprise and see that the fear was nothing but an unexamined limited belief.