We Are What We Think Concept

 Conquering Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Are you someone or do you know someone who can’t see the forest for the trees.

This is a common problem and the main reason people go to a coach for answers they know that they have self-limiting beliefs but just don’t know what to do about them.

Even as a life coach I too come up with my own self-limiting beliefs. We are like the cobbler, who makes shoes for all our clients but forget to make them for our own children.

Your limiting beliefs come from your programing. They are part of a vicious cycle that keeps you stuck. You might feel you are moving forward but if you still believe backward ideas you will be stuck in a reoccurring rut and wondering why am I not getting anywhere?

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5 ways Self-limiting beliefs make you feel

  1.  Make you go silent or hide
  2. See problems in your future
  3. Be a source of anxiety
  4. Keep you from trying solutions
  5. Keep you from expanding your vision of who you can be

Now that you see some of the symptoms of self-limiting beliefs are you ready for a better report. You can get rid of self-limiting beliefs. You really can. Within you right now in this moment is the power to do more than you ever believed possible. So isn’t it well worth your time to get out your power vacuum and clean them out of your space.

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Imagine a life

Imagine a life where you have a belief system that always inspires you to the best actions.

Imagine a life where your thoughts reflect what you genuinely want and then the appropriate components come forward to help you flow automatically into inspired actions where your emotions and behavior act in harmony to bring you your life dreams

Imagine a life where you have the ability to identify the limiting beliefs easily and know that they are only that limiting.

Imagine a life where you see that before you try something you know how to adjust your belief system.

How to prepave a more positive future

Spend time with positive up beat people

Read and listen to positive inspirational books

Write out affirmations and put them around your living space

Give up the failure spotlight; you don’t need to be a recovering failure.

Step into the new role of one who learned from their mistakes and are now going for success.

Go for new beliefs

I’ve decided that I Can do

I have dreams and they are worthwhile for me

I’ve decided that I can trust my future

I’ve decided that I will know the right path to take at the right time

I love knowing that it is ok to be successful

I have great resources that help me know what actions are in my best interest and in the best interest of the world

In conclusion, you don’t have to live your life arguing for your limiting beliefs. We live in a time on this earth where you can reach out and find how to turn your limiting beliefs into successes.