How To Stop Criticizing Yourself

You can spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out why you get caught in a loop of self-criticism.

The critical loop is very tricky and will sneak up on you.

There probably isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that you don’t hear a small nagging voice whispering, things that should like,

“you can’t do anything right”.

“The others do a much better job than you”.  

                               If you believe the voice of the will get louder and starting the loop of self-criticism.    

The loop feeds on your emotional set point of fears like unworthy, shame or guilt to name a few.

The loop starts with a trigger of some kind and then you start feeling awful and stupid and that you got it so badly wrong.

Once you start condemning yourself your subconscious will bring out memories of past events that support the limiting belief you are now focused upon.

If this self-criticism loop happens to you know you’re not alone. Many of us feel stuck when we start criticizing ourselves.

Lets begin by getting a better Understanding of the criticism process.

Once you start feeling the battle going on with the self-critical voice you will find it hard to get away.

You will feel emotions that don’t feel good like regret, and hopelessness. Then all the limiting beliefs will climb on the bandwagon and; you will find yourself in the middle of a big pity party because you can never get away from:

your own worst enemy, yourself


Chain breaking

How to break out of self-criticism.

Remember it’s never about the event or circumstances that brought about the loop of self-criticism in the first place.

It is always about the relationship between you and you. The good news is because it is only about you  a better feeling choice can be made.

You can turn this around with time. know that it may take time as you might not be able to fix what is bothering you where you are at in the moment. 

5  Steps On How to Loosen the loop 

  1. Experiencing resistance to good feeling thoughts is guidance to the path to finding a way to aligning with your higher self.
  2. Realizing you is in a place that you want to change. Shake your head and wake yourself up to a new way of thinking.
  3. Stop and take 5 deep breaths. This will start to soothe you so that new thoughts can come into you.
  4. Trust that solutions will begin to appear to solve the reasons you are criticizing yourself.
  5. Be easy on yourself and begin talking to yourself like you would talk to a young child who is still learning.

When the critic starts in catch it in the early stages and remember that guidance system will come in the form of resistance. Thank the critic for the new opportunity to take a better look at how you are treating yourself. Take an inventory and see how you can get t life style improvements. Perhaps you will be inspired to take action on starting that new nutrition plan or going regularly to the gym or looking at ways to improve your performance in areas of your life.

In conclusion, you will now have a way to change your focus once the critic makes an appearance. Say thank you to the critic because life needs the resistance of the critic so that you will become more aware of how to solve problems so that you can life your life feeling truly alive.

Happy girl
                                Happy girl